Peppermint Sugar Scrub - Homemade Scented Gifts #5

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Friday, Everyone! So, the end of this week marks the end of my Scented Homemade Christmas Gift ideas Week. I made it – 5 videos in 5 days! I am so excited about reaching my goal! It was a tough one and a lot of work. From waking up to going to bed I did nothing but film, edit, and post these videos and blog posts for about a full 7 days. But, I’m still smiling at the end of it, so I guess that’s a good sign! ;) Hope you’ve enjoyed!

So, today, for the 5th and final post in this series, I have another really, really easy tutorial for you – Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub. And, this is a great mate for the Body Butter from Idea #4.


Peppermint Body Butter - Homemade Scented Gifts #4

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hey, Friends! How have you been enjoying my Scented Homemade Christmas Gift Idea series? Well, yes, today is day 4 and I do have another gift idea tutorial for ya! And, yep, it is peppermint scented! It’s Homemade Peppermint Body Butter!

I really love this one and I really liked making it, too! Again, so easy! It’s great to use year round but is perfect for the dry winter month! You can use it to nourish and moisturize rough knees and elbows, hands, legs and it’s great for shaving your legs, too! It’s got some great ingredients in it that will make your skin feel amazing! And, although the peppermint essential oil that’s in it isn’t technically for internal consumption, everything else is edible. Below you’ll find that list of ingredients along with what makes them so great for using in a body butter! 

Peppermint Bath Bomb Fizzies- Homemade Scented Gifts #3

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hey, Everyone! So, I made it to Day 3 of my Homemade Scented Christmas Gift Ideas! Yay! So, for this installment of this series I’ve got another pretty simple tutorial for you all – DIY Peppermint Bath Bomb Fizzies!

I just feel like a kid when it comes to bath bombs because they are so fun to throw in the bath and see them fizz… I’d like to throw a whole bunch in just to see how crazy that would be!

So, these ones aren’t too complicated and takes little ingredients. You could add many more things to make these more nourishing like different types of oils (just a small bit), but these are perfectly great with this recipe and so quick to make! And, once again, don’t forget that can use this tutorial for year round gifting by using different essential oils and colors! Experiment! ;) Let’s look at the ingredients!

Peppermint Bath Salt - Homemade Scented Gifts #2

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Homemade Gift Idea #1 - Homemade Gift Idea #3 - Homemade Gift Idea #4 - Homemade Gift Idea #5

Yo! I’m back for day 2 of my Scented Homemade Christmas Gift Idea posts! Watch my blooper (yes, just one) at the end of the video in this post for me messing up saying that line. Ha ha! Yeh, anyhow, today I’ve got a super, duper fast one for you -- Homemade Peppermint Bath Salts! It’s so inexpensive, easy and so quick to make this stuff that it seems unfair that we buy them!

So, as with the other tutorials in this series, you can use this tutorial all year round, not just first Christmas, by substituting the peppermint essential oils for your favorite essential oil. If you’re into peppermint, then just go with it! Who says Peppermint is just for Christmas anyway! ;) It’s a great scent for relaxation! You can also choose a different color soap colorant, or none at all, since it is purely for aesthetics! Here is the list of things you’ll need:

Peppermint Swirl Soap - Homemade Scented Gifts #1

Monday, December 1, 2014

Well, Everyone, this is the first of my Homemade Scented Christmas Gift Ideas WITH video tutorials – 5 in 5 days! I am starting to get nervous…the sleep deprivation has begun already. Ha ha! Only slightly today. But, I’m also very excited! I really want to reach my goal and I really want to get these great ideas to you all! ;)

Okay, so, this first one is DIY Mini Peppermint Swirl Soaps. This is a very easy tutorial and it only takes about 15 minutes or less to get these into the molds for cooling!

Also, this tutorial can be used anytime of the year; not just Christmas! You can change up the scent with your choice of essential oils as well as the color if you want! Any of these tutorials this week are the same idea – great gift ideas for any time of year!

Straw Ball Tree Ornament Tutorial & Christmas Tree

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yooooo! S’up peeps? :D  Well, I’m back again with another Christmas post for y’all! I’ve got a great ornament tutorial for you aanndd some photos of my Christmas tree! But let’s get to the tutorial first! I wanted to show you guys how to make these really pretty Straw Ball Ornaments.

I’m sure you can see in the photo, but these are made from using those decorative straw balls that a lot of us have as décor in our homes, along with some faux berries, branches, and some shiny ribbon. The supplies for this project cost me only about $10…maybe $11…$12 at the most. He he.

Rag Ball Tree Ornament Tutorial - So Easy, So Cute!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Heya! Well, I’ve got yet another tutorial for all you Christmas spirited crafty peeps out thay-a! Next week I’m planning on getting into some Holiday beauty stuff, so if you’re looking for that, it’s a comin’! Don’t worry! What I’ve got fer y’all today is how to go about making this really easy Rag Ball Tree Ornament.

These are so eeee-zzzzz! There’s nothing to ‘em and it takes very little supplies! You can find a list of those supplies just below. And just below the video you’ll find some extra tips for this project!

Santa Wreath Tutorial & 8 Year Weekend Photos ♥

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello! I hope you’re all getting in to the Christmas spirit and planning some great decorations for you home! I can help! Today I have another great decoration tutorial for you; A Santa themed Wreath. It’s so simple and cute and it’s also so easy to do!

After you finish watching the tutorial, if you scroll down this page a little further, you’ll find some photos that I wanted to share with you all. I meant to share them a few weeks ago after I took them, but I’ve been busy preparing for all these awesome Christmas posts!! :D

Preparing for the Holidays - Winter Wreath Tutorial

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hi, All! Well, today I have a treat for you! Finally, a, somewhat, Holiday post! And I say “finally” because I LOVE the Holidays! I have quite a schedule planned out for myself with all kinds of great tutorials and I am so excited…I just hope I can keep up with it. Normally I post only 1 video per week, but this schedule has me posting as many as 5 videos in one of those weeks. I’m scared, based on the difficulties I had with this one video, but I’m going to push forward, keep positive, and try to get these awesome videos for you all of ornaments, homemade gifts, and some beauty tutorials, too!

Alright, so, for my first Holiday post and video of this year, I made this really pretty Winter Wreath and I’m showing you how to make it, too!

You can make this wreath for at least half the cost of buying one in the stores, and possibly for even less depending on where you get your supplies (I’m offering options, below), and if you can hit some sales like I did! At Michaels they have a lot of beautiful wreaths and they cost $90 even $100! I spent about $36. Here is a list of the products I used along with pricing (CAD $) and some alternate less expensive options:

Costume Idea #2 - Budget Costume *Sugar Skull*

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

K, Folks!

Here is my Costume Idea #2. As I said in my last post, and I do apologize, I meant to have more ideas than just 2 this year, but things happened. But, I’m still excited for this one because it is a Budget Costume Idea! All the supplies can be purchased from either the Dollar Store or Walmart for very little money – I would say for between $10 to $15! It’s a Day of the Dead Calavera or, more commonly known as, a Sugar Skull makeup tutorial!

It’s a become a very popular trend in North American countries and many others and since this is a late post, being it is only a day until Halloween, this is great for last minute Halloween plans! It’s also great because you can’t really make a mistake doing the makeup. If you’re a guy, then you can do without the scalloped edge eyes and head piece and it works for you, too. So, here’s what you’ll need to achieve this look:

Costume Idea #1 - Katy Perry "Dark Horse"

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hi Beauties (and Handsome...ies)!

Well, I’m finally here with my first Halloween costume option for you all! It’s a Katy Perry look from her Dark Horse video - Wicked Egyptian Queen!! It was a pretty fun one to do so I hope you all like it!

Unfortunately I will only have 2 Halloween costume ideas for you this season. :( I had a couple of others planned but things didn’t go as planned for me this month. I started out strong but, while I was visiting home in New Brunswick, two unexpected things occurred: there was funeral I stayed a little longer to attend and I passed out, for unknown reasons, and tweaked my neck which left me in pain with a heating pad and Advil to help me through. The 6 hours I spent on a plane to get back were even less comfortable than usual. :/ Buuutt, anyway… 

So, this costume is what I will be sporting on Halloween. I don’t show this in the video, I will post some photos on facebook and Instagram on Halloween, but I plan to make the shoulder/bodice piece out of cardboard and some gold spray paint. I know this won’t help anyone who decides to use this tutorial since it’ll already be Halloween, but I suggest you try and do the same if you’re gonna wear this as well! It really just has to get the look of the costume across – imagine trying to create an accurate piece like that just for a Halloween costume! If you’re interested in this look then you probably know what I’m talking about from the video…if not, go watch Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” video! ;)

My New Cut and Color & Target Haul

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello Friends! 

Well, I got my hair cut last week and I wanted to share it with you with an explanation of what I asked for in case any of you want something similar – you’ll know what to ask your stylist for. I did a little video about it which you will find lower in this post so check that out!  I also talk about a little mini Target Haul that includes some really great things I found and am excited about!

In the video you’ll hear me mention her, but I just have to get the word out there about her. She’s very talented and you’ll see just how talented when you check her out on facebook… ‘cause you just gotta! Click here, Amy Barter Hairstylist, to get there or search “Amy Barter Hairstylist” on facebook to find her. She does all kinds of beauty and photography collaborations resulting in some very beautiful photo shoots and she also holds contests on her facebook page from time to time. She’s going to be starting her own blog too in the near future and will have more contests on there as well. So, if you want to win beauty packages or services make sure to like her page so you’ll know when those are happening! 

Retro Lettered Candy Jar Tutorial - MmmmMm

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hi All! 

For this post I wanted to show you how I’ve made some really great Retro Lettered Candy Jars. With Halloween coming up these can really come in handy for organizing your children’s treats or leftover treats from trick ‘r treaters or just your regular goodies all year round!

Besides keeping your treats nice and organized, these are pretty cute too and they’ll keep your treats nice and fresh – always important! :) So, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to complete this project. It’s not much for this one:

DIY Nail Wraps Video Tutorial & Additional Tips!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hey Folks!

For all you out there who love having your nails looking great, today I have for you my DIY Nail Wrap tutorial.

I’ve been planning out showing you all this for so long now and am finally getting to it. I’ve started to see other people figuring it out for themselves, so I figure there’s no better time to get this tutorial to you all! This truly will revolutionize doing your own nails and getting really cute designs on them with ease. You know how hard it is to work on your nails using your non-dominant hand? This helps with that too and it makes creating straight lines much easier! 

Scroll below the video to see additional tips for making these DIY Nail Wraps and without further ado, here is the video:

DIY Sea Salt Spray for Awesome Beachy Waves!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Well… it’s a little gloomy and rainy here today, but hopefully you all have sunshine and warm weather where ever you’re tuning in from! I say this because today I am showing you all how to make your own Sea Salt Spray to get those sought after effortless looking beachy waves in your hair!

Even if you’ve got rain like I do here, we’ll still get a little more nice weather so you can rock that beachy hair look. On the other hand, if you’re planning a tropical vacation, this spray will be perfect for that. It makes quick work of getting decent hair when you’d rather be laying in the sun, going on an excursion, or participating in activities rather than spending the time doing your hair.

This really is the best sea salt spray I’ve used in my hair. I’ve tried many others and only found one that compared to this, which has been discontinued – isn’t that the way it often goes? Other sprays leave your hair feeling too crunchy or don’t do much to enhance the natural wave and texture  in your hair. That being said, it is sea salt spray so your hair will feel a bit like there is stuff in it, there’s no getting away from it completely, but the other nurturing ingredients in this concoction really help to reduce those icky results. 

I'm Still Here! Promise!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hi guys!
I just wanted to do a quick little post for any of you who are following me here on my blog but may not be following on Facebook to address where I have been hiding for the last little while... and just a side note, if you're not following me on Facebook yet, why not? Come on over and hit that little like button. I'm always updating what's going on with The Creative Glow over there. Here's the link: .

Okay, so now that I've dealt with that, where have I been? Well, I am still here, so don't you guys worry. The reason I have been MIA on my blog recently is that we've just gone through a huge move. If you are following me on Facebook then you probably already know this, but what you might not know is that we've had to deal with a lot of crazy shenanigans throughout this move and it's just made things a little bit difficult in getting back to my blog. But now that we've got all of our stuff moved in, we've got things semi-organized, and things are starting to look more and more like a home each day, I am finally ready to get back to regular blogging. Yay! 

Art Series - Post #9 - "Nanny" in Graphite

Saturday, July 26, 2014


In this installment of my Art Series posts I wanted to share with you all a graphite portrait drawing I did of my grandmother as a gift to my mother on her birthday this past April! 
I saw a picture of my grandmother’s huge family from when she was a little younger :)… I think maybe 16 or 17 years old (she just had her 74th birthday this past May), and thought how beautiful she was. I immediately knew I wanted to draw her. With my mom’s birthday coming up, I figured it would be a meaningful gift! Here she is:

Drawing a portrait of someone you know and someone you love and respect so much is difficult because you want it to be just perfect. I’m a perfectionist as it is!! He he. You just want to make sure it does look like them so you need to get certain features just right. This one is still hard for me… it really does look like her and I am quite proud of it… but there are things I’d like to fix. Maybe I’ll do another one. :)

Monthly Beauty Buys for June & Yay or Nay Video!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bonjour, everyone! So, today I am starting this new Series called Monthly Beauty Buys! This one is for all my peeps who love being creative when it comes to Beauty Products or, like me, love being creative in ALL aspects!! I will be doing these posts once a month (duh, he he) and I’ll be showing you some beauty items I have bought and am liking each month. I may, from time to time, like I have in this post, do a “Yay or Nay” video for that Series I have started on YouTube where I give my first impressions of a new (or new for me ) product. Hopefully you guys will like this series and, if so, I will keep doing them! :D So, let’s get started!

So, I’ve got 3 items to show you guys that I am liking… I probably bought more than that in June… but I narrowed it down to 3 for this post. :)

What is This Voting Contest All About?!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Okay, so, it looks like a lot of people just really aren't interested in the Prize Poll I have going on. :( Either it needs a little more promotion or, sadly, maybe no one cares? :*( I hope it's just the first option! I love you guys and I'm doing my best to show you with this Thank-You prize! So, in an attempt to better inform you all, perhaps some of you aren't following me on facebook so are out of the loop on the Contest, I am going to do this quick little post about the contest! It's really easy to enter!! So, here we go:

So, what is this Contest all about? Here's an explanation (or you can watch the video, just scroll down , you'll find it!):

DIY Snazzy Studded Clutch Purse!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hellllooo there!! 

Okay, finally, finally, finally I have my new video ready for you all! Phewff! ;) I actually started this video while I was away back home with the intention of getting it up for you all even though I wasn’t at home… things did not work out that way, as you may have guessed. But, it’s ready now and I am excited to have it done for you! This one was a lot of fun and it gave me a lot of other ideas for possible future video!  Okay, so, this video is another DIY project. Check out this photo of what I’m helping you make:

I got the inspiration for this project from an amazing looking clutch that I came across online. That one was much more expensive than this one will cost you to put together and this looks just as snazzy! Now, before the video, here is a list of the items you will need for this project… it’s a short one this time: 

Happy Birthday To ME! Cake, Cake, Cake,...

Monday, June 9, 2014


Okay, so, as I mentioned on facebook, I’m hoping to have my new video all ready and uploaded for you guys by tomorrow at some time. For today, I am just getting caught up on one of a few things I had promised to share with you here on my blog and haven’t yet. My birthday was a couple of months ago (end of March) and I haven’t gotten to post anything from that yet, so let’s see… 

Oh, here we go, some photos from my birthday:

I never really get up to too much on my birthdays. Usually my boyfriend brings me out to dinner and then we go to a movie. Then we come home and have my favourite birthday cake, ice cream cake!!! Oh, and there’s gifts! He usually spoils me and he did again this year. This is what he got me:

Some Drenched in Color Solo HD Beats headphones! These really are awesome and a new book light for reading since mine is broken and I really love reading before going to sleep!

Trip to Hospital & Meeting Batman... ummm, yeh...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hallo Friends! 

Just a quick FYI post about my whereabouts...

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t written any posts in a couple weeks or uploaded a new video. Well, I am now able to tell you guys why. I’ve had to travel home again, from the Western side of Canada all the way over to the Eastern side of Canada, for two very important reasons, and had been very busy preparing. I’ve brought my camera and laptop with me so that I will be able to still get you guys a couple of creative videos going. So, don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too long before you see my silly face again! I've already got one planned and filming it today! 

Also, just want to mention before I get to my strange meeting with Batman, for any of you who have been following, my 100 Subscribers Prize vote has mysteriously re-set itself to ZERO votes so far... quite frustrating! I apologize for this, friends, and I will be re-doing the poll in a better way so this doesn't happen again. I will have a new blog post up to get that going again very shortly, keep an eye out on facebook or twitter or bloglovin' to find out when I've re-posted that voting poll! This is a prize in honour of all my Subscribers (that means you) and you get to decide what I will do, so make sure you VOTE FOR YOUR PRIZE!

Alright, so, the biggest reason I couldn’t mention that I was planning on traveling home, and that my posting might be a little slim, was that it was a surprise visit for my Grandmother’s birthday, so no one could know. I had to safeguard the secret to make it a success. It all worked out and she was very surprised! Yay! She had a wonderful birthday and a lot of our big huge family were there and it was just so much fun! The second reason is a more personal one and is that a family member is sick and I really needed to just come and spend some quality time with them. 

VOTING TIME!! 100 Subscribers 'Thank-you Prize' Poll

Friday, May 9, 2014


So, I’m back home from my little adventure this past weekend. As I said on facebook, I have a few things to blog about this week and I will be blogging more about that adventure with photos in the coming days! 

First, if you remember from one of my blog posts a couple of weeks ago, I was about to reach my 100 subscriber milestone on YouTube, and I did, a few days after that. If you're following me on facebook, then you already know this. But, yes, it was just over a week ago now… now I’ve got 126 subscribers! :D It’s so exciting and almost hard to believe, at times, that 100 (now 126) of you lovely people out there want to watch my videos. I am so, so, so, soooo grateful for each and every single one of the people who have subscribed to my channel and I love you all and welcome anyone else who wants to become a part of our little YouTube fun family! So, if you’re reading my blog for the first time, or haven’t subscribed yet, know I am waiting to welcome you over there on my channel ;) 

Keira Knightley Inspired Look & 100 Subscriber Talk

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hey Lovelies! 

So, I haven’t done any beauty posts in a while and I decided it was time (sorry fellas who follow). What I have for you is a video tutorial for a Keira Knightley look I came across online that I just loved! I don’t often wear a lot of darker or smokey eye makeup but it’s fun to do when the impulse strikes and I just had to try this one out for myself. So, take a look:

No, I’m not fooling myself into thinking that I look anything like Keira, but that doesn’t mean I can’t copy her makeup! ;) I didn’t style my hair like hers, but if enough of you request it, then I’d love to do another video for the hair part to complete the look. You can leave me those requests in the comments section of either this blog post or the video on YouTube! This is my final look:

Click Images to Enlarge

So, now, here’s a list of the products I use to recreate the look. You, obviously, don’t have to use the exact products I do… you can, but don’t have to. Just use the same colors in whatever you have or can find at the store. Also, as I say in the video, the bronzer appears slightly orangey in the video, but as you can see in the photos above, it doesn't actually look that way, it's light and blends wells! Promise... if you apply it correctly! And below that list you’ll find the VIDEO TUTORIAL!!! And, there are some silly OUTTAKES at the end so make sure to keep watching ‘til the end!!! 

Art Series - Post #8 - Handmade Greeting Cards

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Throwback Thursday, Everyone...

I can say that because, sadly but conveniently, I don't have any new art to show you in this week's Art Series post, so I'm throwing back to some greeting cards I have made in the past. 

Closer to Christmas I had shown you a selection of some of the Christmas Cards I had made over the years, and now I get to show you some other cards I've done. I've only got a few to show, I've done several others, but these are the only ones I found photos of and... well... the recipients of those cards have them, so I couldn't photograph them to show. These are all hand drawn, painted with watercolors, and inked with illustration pens. I think, at some point, if I can dedicate the time to it, I will come up with a bunch of new cards and start selling them on an Etsy store. I'll let you all know when/if that happens! Anyhow, for right now, here are some of my handmade greeting cards:

Click to Enlarge (slightly :))

DIY Blooming Flower Mirror - Easy and Inexpensive

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hi Everyone! How was your Easter? I had a pretty great one! I made a yummy Ham dinner with a delicious sweet glaze! SO GOOD!

So, I have a new DIY video for you guys! Today, I’m showing you guys how to make this cool mirror from plastic spoons! This mirror can be combined with other wall décor or made as part of a series of 3; a large flower mirror in the center and a smaller flower mirrors on each side. It looks really awesome. If you want to make your own, it’s pretty easy and pretty inexpensive (Here is another inexpensive Mirror DIY I did). Below is a list of all the items I used for my spoon flower mirror along with prices (CAN dollars) and then below that you’ll find the DIY Video. I’ve also included, as mentioned in the video, the amount of plastic spoons I used for each circle layer so that you can re-create this exactly as I have.

Art Series - Post #7 - Comic Book Sketches

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hey Everybody!

So, as I promised I would do this week, I am showing you some very preliminary drawings of some of the characters I am working on for this comic book project I have mentioned a few times in the recent past. 

As I said on facebook and you may have seen (if you're not following, well, get on that!) I am still scared this week to show this stuff. It isn't that great, in my opinion, at this point, and everything needs a lot more work. But, it's a process, and this is just the beginning so take a look.

First, here is Marianne. She is one of the main characters in the story:

Marianne has been seen by the writer of this story and she won't be changing a whole lot. Next, this is Julie, she is more of a supporting character... at least from reading the first issue, that's what I can tell: 

Knotty and Nice Bracelet & Paper Beads

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hey All!! 

So, I’m finally able to show you guys this video. If you’ve been join me over on facebook then you’ve probably seen my posts about how this past week was a doozey for me. So many things kept preventing me from getting this started, and then throughout the project I had set-backs (mostly too much noise above me to record anything), and then I was behind by a couple days and staying up until 4:30am each night just trying to get this done. But that’s the life of a blogger (as I’ve heard) and though I have these kinds of weeks sometimes, I just still love doing this so much! I love it and I love you guys! :D And, actually, besides all the delays of the week it was pretty great; I reached 70 subscribers on my YouTube channel and gaining traffic right here on my blog! It makes me feel so happy because I do love doing this and people are liking it in return! So, yes, I made it through the week and I now have a new video for yoouuu! Yayyy! I feel like this is a fun one… I know I had a lot of fun doing this project (despite the set-backs).

This project includes making your own paper beads (cool) and learning how to tie a Celtic knot. Take a look at the final product:

I just love the idea of paper beads, just seems so neat to me. And, plus, since you use about half of a 99¢ piece of paper to make enough beads for one bracelet, this is a fairly inexpensive project that doesn’t look cheap! I love that! Let’s take a look at what you need:

Art Series - Post #6 - Graphite & Time Lapse

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hi! :D

So, in last week's Art Series Post you might remember me saying I was going to hopefully have some progress to show you on the comic book project I am working on... yes? No? Either way, I did say that and I am happy to also say that I have made some progress with the character designs... but, I'm sad to say that I've chickened out on posting to show you all just yet. :/ I've got one entire character designed and two others that are just faces at this point. I just feel they need a little more... finessing before I introduce them. So, at this point, I am going to aim for next week. Yes, that's my goal, I will show you all next week... no chickening out! :)

Now, for this week, I will show you another old graphite drawing I did back in July of 2009. I wish I had a better quality image and video to present to you all, and I know I have somewhere with old files but I'm not quite sure where they are. I've searched and couldn't find them. Anyway, here is the drawing and below you will find the time lapse video if you're interested.

Nail Art Tutorial - Vintage Pattern Inspired

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hi all you awesome people! 

Today is a great day, not only because it’s my birthday, but because I’ve got another video tutorial for you!! Yipee! 

The video I have prepared for you guys is a Nail Art Tutorial. I really love the sorta vintage color scheme of blush and turquoise and, from there, I’ve really taken a liking to other vintage looking things recently, like the pattern that inspired this nail tutorial. What was once old becomes new again. I like to call it ‘Modern Vintage Style’… is that already a ‘thing’? ha ha. Here’s a look at the nails I’m showing you how to do:

I think it looks super cute and I’m pleased with how easy it actually was to do. If you can hold a paint brush, I’m confident you can do this yourself with watching my tutorial. So, here you go, watch this and then get to it! 

Art Series - Post #5 - Portrait of a Girl

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Today I've got another drawing I did in the past to show you all. This one was done in 2009 and is done with only an HB pencil. Even though I have several sets of art pencils with a variety of hard and soft leads, I have always preferred using just my standard HB pencil. So here it is, I'm just calling in 'Portrait of a Girl':

I love drawing people's portraits... actually, I think people are my favourite subject to draw. When I was in art school my favourite drawing class was, by far, figure drawing! 

Hopefully I will have some comic book progress to share in next week's Art Series Post, but if not, I will show you all another older piece.

Hope you all enjoyed! ;)

Sam ♡

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Mason Jar Vase Piece - Distressed Shabby Chic

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hiiii! HI! 

I am so, super, dee duper excited to show you guys my newest video! I’ve been wanting to make this for myself for a while and decided it would be great to do as a DIY tutorial for all you guys, too! So I did! I love it, I love it, I love it! It turned out soooo AWESOME! Okay, take a looky at what we’re making: 

Isn’t it the greatest? Oh, I know I JUST LOVE IT! :D Okay, so, before I get to the video, I’m going to tell you guys everything I used and what you’ll need if you want to make one for yourself.

So first, I’ve chosen this color scheme you see in the photo because it goes a long with the color theme I’ve started in my art room, which you may remember from way back when I did the post about my new art room, if not, you can click here to check out that post. I should do an update on my art room soon, now that I’m thinking about it… anyway, back to this crazy awesome project! 

Art Series - Post #4 - 'Boat Launch' Watercolor

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hey all,

I've got a new Art Series post for you today! I've had to wait a while to show you guys any of this project since it was one that was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's sister and her husband. Since they live a few hours away from us we had to plan a visit in order for me to give it to them and that was this past weekend. Now I can show it to all of you! They seemed to really love it (that made me feel so happy) and I hope you all will too! 

I'm going to show you the painting as a finished project first, but if you scroll down you'll be able to view the time lapse video I put together from the photos I took of my progress along the way. So, here is the painting in it's completed state:

This painting is done in watercolor. It's painted from a photograph I took in Salmon Arm, BC in June of 2013 as the sun was setting. This is where my boyfriend and his family lived for many years and where he and his siblings grew up. This painting looks out over the Shuswap Lake right next to the Salmon Arm Wharf, which you can see some of in the painting.

DIY Jewelry Dish Project (IKEA Hack) - Fun, Easy, Inexpensive!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bonjour, Friends!!!

Today I have a fun crafty video tutorial for you guys! When you take your jewelry off at the end of the night do you end up with little piles of jewelry on your night stand or perhaps on your bathroom vanity? Well, I do. I’m always so tired and I don’t feel like having to organize them in their usual home at that point, I just wanna go to beddd! If you’re like that too this project will be great for you or even if you just want a cute way to display some of your favourite jewelry pieces. I’m showing you how to make your own jewelry dishes and very inexpensively, too! BONUS! ;) Here, take a look at what we’re making:

So, if you wanna make some of these, first there’s a few things you’ll need to pick up and some things you’ll probably already.

Geometric Shapes Vases - by Mom ♥

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hi guys!

Here's a quick little post for you today! Just wanted to show you some more cases my Mom made from my Decorative Vase tutorial (click here for that post). Instead of tearing the paper as I show in my tutorial, she decided to try cutting some geometric shapes from very colorful tissue paper. These turn our quite beautiful, don't you think?

If you like these, try to make some yourself! It is quite simple and easy to do and, I've been told, can be quite relaxing. You can't really do much to mess this project up, so give it a go. Again, here is the link to that post with the video. :D

Happy Geometric Vasing!

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