Keira Knightley Inspired Look & 100 Subscriber Talk

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hey Lovelies! 

So, I haven’t done any beauty posts in a while and I decided it was time (sorry fellas who follow). What I have for you is a video tutorial for a Keira Knightley look I came across online that I just loved! I don’t often wear a lot of darker or smokey eye makeup but it’s fun to do when the impulse strikes and I just had to try this one out for myself. So, take a look:

No, I’m not fooling myself into thinking that I look anything like Keira, but that doesn’t mean I can’t copy her makeup! ;) I didn’t style my hair like hers, but if enough of you request it, then I’d love to do another video for the hair part to complete the look. You can leave me those requests in the comments section of either this blog post or the video on YouTube! This is my final look:

Click Images to Enlarge

So, now, here’s a list of the products I use to recreate the look. You, obviously, don’t have to use the exact products I do… you can, but don’t have to. Just use the same colors in whatever you have or can find at the store. Also, as I say in the video, the bronzer appears slightly orangey in the video, but as you can see in the photos above, it doesn't actually look that way, it's light and blends wells! Promise... if you apply it correctly! And below that list you’ll find the VIDEO TUTORIAL!!! And, there are some silly OUTTAKES at the end so make sure to keep watching ‘til the end!!! 

Makeup I Used 

Skin Care & Face
      -   Marcelle Essentials 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream
      -   La Roche Posay Intense Hydration Riche
      -   L’Oreal Skin Beautifier B.B.
      -   CoverGirl +Olay Concealer Balm
      -   Mabelline Fit Me Pressed Powder
      -   Physicians Formula How-to Bronze Bronzer
      -   Anabelle Blush #48 (Rosey Plum Color)
      -   Physicians Formula Highlighting Powder in Translucent Pearl 4R

      -   Anabelle Eye Shadow Gleam (Gold Beige Color)
      -   Sephora Color Anthology Eye Shadow Palette (right panel)
             -   Smokey Brown Shimmer Shadow
             -   Dark Warm Smokey Gray Satin Shadow
             -   Rusty Shimmer Shadow
             -   Darker Rust Matte Shadow
             -   Light Mushroom Shadow
             -   Black Matte Shadow
      -   L’Oreal Carbon Black Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Carbon Black
      -   Benefit They’re Real Mascara

      -   Rimmel ScandalEyes Eye Liner in Nude 005
      -   Lune Twilight Just Bitten Lip Balm Stain Eye Candy (Limited Edition) Pink-Nude color
      -   A Random High Gloss Lip Gloss

So, that’s that guys; Keira Knightley Inspired Makeup Look! I hope you didn’t forget about the silly outtake at the end of the video. :D 

Okay, so there’s just one more thing I wanted to tell you guys. If you’ve liked The Creative Glow on facebook then you may have already seen this post (if you’re not… why nottttt? Click here and click like now to keep in the loop!) but, anyway, I am nearing 100 SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube pretty darn quickly now and I’m going to be doing something as a thank-you to all of my YouTube subscribers. Ina post coming up shortly, the one that follows my 100 Subscriber mark, I will have a poll included with 3 different possibilities for that thank-you, and I’m going to ask all my readers and subscribers to come and vote for what they’d like the thank-you “gift” to be. I haven’t fully decided on the 3 things yet, but I do have a few ideas! I’ll be letting you all know on the facebook when that post is up!
Alright, now, that’s all I’ve got or you today! Have fun re-creating this makeup look ladies… and fellas, if you like that sort of thing, go for it! ;) Stay tuned for that “100 Subscribers Thank-You” Poll! 

Love you ALL! xo  

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