DIY Blooming Flower Mirror - Easy and Inexpensive

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hi Everyone! How was your Easter? I had a pretty great one! I made a yummy Ham dinner with a delicious sweet glaze! SO GOOD!

So, I have a new DIY video for you guys! Today, I’m showing you guys how to make this cool mirror from plastic spoons! This mirror can be combined with other wall décor or made as part of a series of 3; a large flower mirror in the center and a smaller flower mirrors on each side. It looks really awesome. If you want to make your own, it’s pretty easy and pretty inexpensive (Here is another inexpensive Mirror DIY I did). Below is a list of all the items I used for my spoon flower mirror along with prices (CAN dollars) and then below that you’ll find the DIY Video. I’ve also included, as mentioned in the video, the amount of plastic spoons I used for each circle layer so that you can re-create this exactly as I have.

Things I Used:

  -   9 boxes of plastic spoons (24/box, $1.27/box at Walmart)
  -   Foam Core Board 20 x 30 inch ($4.56 at Walmart)
  -   Krylon Spray Paint (Blue Ocean Breeze, $4.00 at Walmart)
  -   6 ¼” Round Mirror (Trensum, at Ikea for $7.99
  -   Eyelet Hanging Hooks ($3.00 at Walmart)
  -   Mini Hacksaw (STANLEY, $6.98 at Walmart)
  -   Glue Gun
  -   Glue Sticks
  -   Xacto Knife
  -   Scissors
  -   Masking Tape

So you don’t have to guess and possibly end up not cutting enough plastic spoons… like I did… twice, I used 211 spoons which is close to 9 boxes. These are the spoon amounts for each circle layer starting at the outermost circle moving in toward the innermost circle:

    -  Layer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – 33 spoons
    -  Layer 6 – 25 spoons
    -  Layer 7 – 21 spoons

My Blooming Flower Mirror turned out larger than I was envisioning, so if you want to make yours smaller you’ll just have to make a small adjustment to the diameter of your foam core circle. I would say to take 2 inches off from what I’ve done. But, I still think it looks pretty awesome this large! Also, make sure you use enough glue on the back of your spoons. If you don’t use enough, when you pick it up, you might snap some the spoons out of place.

Hmmmm…well, I guess that’s it for this post! I hope you all have fun making your own Blooming Flower Mirror and don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow, +... find the links below this post! I’ll be waiting to see you there! :D 

Sam ♡

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  1. I love this! I am in 4-h and I would like to use this Idea for one of my exibit. Could I have your email so I can send you a form to ok that idea. Mine is Please send, so we can talk.

  2. Wow! I can’t believe that recycled material can make such an awesome design for a mirror. That's a really clever and creative idea, Samantha! I can't wait to try and make one my own. Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you! :)

    Doug Lowe @ MM Glass Ltd

  3. You totally copied this. I follow her blog. And she made this up as she went along. You should give her credit don't you think? :) not cool to pretend ideas are our own.
    - Natalee

    1. My dear, I am sorry to tell you but I have never been to your friend's blog until you sent me this link. This idea was simply one I got from a mirror I saw in a photo of someone's room decor a couple years ago, and theirs was was red. Do you know how many people I could now go and accuse of "stealing" this idea (as well as many other of my projects) from me? A lot - search YouTube, there are some pretty big ones out there is you want to write to them, too. I AM sorry that you (or she) feels that I stole an idea from her, because as a blogger I know how that feels, but that's just really not the case! From what I can see in the link you sent me, the methods which we go through in completing this piece are entirely different.

  4. how did you spray paint the spoons? I've never used spray paint before. I love this mirror.

  5. Erika, I laid all my spoon heads out on some newspaper in our garage and sprayed them one side at a time, 2 coats on each side, making sure they were completely dry before flipping them over. Flow the directions for re-coating on the back of the can! :)


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