Holiday Party Dress & Dandelion Drawing "Fame"

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hey there all you amazing people! ;) Hope you’re all having an amazing day and for those of you reading who are in the U.S., HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Are any of you heading out to great Black Friday Sales tomorrow? Here in Canada, Black Friday is growing in popularity, I think almost every store participates now, so I may have to get out there early to find some great deals myself!

Tomorrow evening I will be attending my boyfriend’s company Holiday Party, so that means gettin’ all fancied up. I never get to do that so I am always excited when I do. I will try to film me doing my make-up for a great Holiday Make-up tutorial, but if it doesn’t work out, I will at least take photos and blog about what I did. ;) I have two dresses to choose from; one is red and more form fitting with a pencil skirt fit on bottom and the other is green and very soft and has more of a billowing fit on bottom. Here are two pictures and you can tell me which one you think I should wear:

So, like I said, leave me a message in the comments below and let me know which you like best… I think I like the red one…but I’ve been known to change my mind. :)

Art Series - Post #1

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hey, Everyone! :D
So, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve decided to start doing some extra posts that will showcase my art. I’m really excited about it because I feel it’ll get me back to doing more art, which I have been trying to get back into for a while. I’m always creating but haven’t been doing art nearly as much as I should.

I’m going to try and have something to show you guys every week. I'll continue to do my usual blog posts once a week, like I have been doing (with videos every second week), but this will be in addition to those Thursday posts. Sometimes it’ll be new art, sometimes it’ll be art I’ve done in the past, sometimes it may just be quick sketches and then sometimes, if I’m working on a longer/larger project, I'll show you how I’m progressing. This will all be on a trial basis for now; I’ll see how well I can manage my time and how much interest is shown in these additional art posts. I certainly hope you like them!

So, today I have the very first of these projects to show you. This is a drawing I did using chalk pastel and a small bit of colored pencil just for the little bug. The paper I used is a black, 75lb, textured Tiziano (Fabriano Brand) which is great for holding the pigments of the pastels. Working on a black surface meant drawing the opposite of what you would if working on a traditional white surface. So instead of darkening the midtones and shadows, I lightened the midtones and highlights. So here is the final drawing:

Christmas Ornament How-to, Blog News & Cute Vase

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Haaayyyyy!!! Are you as excited for the upcoming Holidays as I am? Oh, WOW, I can’t wait! I love Christmas so, so, soooo much! In the Spirit of Christmas, I’ve started doing my Christmas video tutorials and in this very first one I show you how to make these awesome Christmas tree ball ornaments! 

Aren’t they lovely? And the best part is they are customized to show whatever photo you want on them, which makes them a very special homemade Christmas gift idea that your loved ones will be so touched to receive!  I’ve made them for several people in the past and everyone displays them with fondness on their trees each Christmas. A great idea, which I did for my boyfriend’s parents, is to make a set of 6 showing a different special moment on each. In the case of his parents, I did one of their first dance together at their wedding, and then one of each of their 5 children. For my own Mom I did a set of 4; one of each of us 4 kids. And then I’ve done variations of those ideas for others. But, obviously, you can do anything; funny moments with a sibling or best friend(s)/partner, photos of Christmases past, your favourite quotes, etc… The sky’s the limit really!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hey, Beauties! 

Today, my mission is to help you all remember how beautiful you truly are! Sometimes we struggle to feel that way and we need a reminder. Even the person you feel is the most physically beautiful person has days when they struggle to feel beautiful. But, you know what? You’re all wrong because you are truly ALL beautiful! And, yep, even though I am writing this telling you that we’re all beautiful, I too have difficult days when it comes to seeing my own beauty. Knowing how crippling that feeling can sometimes be, I feel that it is important for you to know that I do see the beauty in you all! 

Journals, Bed Sheets & Over-Sized Awesome-ness!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hello, Friends!

Today I've got a great video for you guys showing you how to customize and personalize your own art journal or writing journal, so if journaling is something you enjoy or you know someone else who really loves it, you'll want to watch this video and create one yourself! Here's mine:

I'm going to get to all the things you'll need for this project in a moment, but first I wanted to share some other things with you! :) 

So, the first thing I want to show you guys are these awesome bed sheets I found at Target! Why are they sooooo awesome? Well, they are Benzoyl Peroxide Resistant!!! Which is awesome because, if you have issues with acne, then you’ve probably been recommended or, even prescribed, to use a product with Benzoyl Peroxide in it and this ingredient can really wreak havoc on fabrics that come in contact with your face, such as your bed sheets. Essentially, it causes discoloration or bleaching. Since the product is often applied before bed, it can be a real issue, so I was so pleased… no, excited to find these. Even OTC products like Proactiv contain this ingredient. It is quite common in the treatment of acne. The label also says that they resist stains from other cosmetics as well; AWESOME! So, anyhow, I just thought some of you out there may find this info useful! ;)