Art Series - Post #8 - Handmade Greeting Cards

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Throwback Thursday, Everyone...

I can say that because, sadly but conveniently, I don't have any new art to show you in this week's Art Series post, so I'm throwing back to some greeting cards I have made in the past. 

Closer to Christmas I had shown you a selection of some of the Christmas Cards I had made over the years, and now I get to show you some other cards I've done. I've only got a few to show, I've done several others, but these are the only ones I found photos of and... well... the recipients of those cards have them, so I couldn't photograph them to show. These are all hand drawn, painted with watercolors, and inked with illustration pens. I think, at some point, if I can dedicate the time to it, I will come up with a bunch of new cards and start selling them on an Etsy store. I'll let you all know when/if that happens! Anyhow, for right now, here are some of my handmade greeting cards:

Click to Enlarge (slightly :))

So, in order (as view from a desktop computer), the first one is a characature birthday card with a special birthday poem inside that I wrote especially for the peom lover, the second is a birthday card for my Mom... I think it was her 50th if you count the cupcakes, that was her age).. so, yeh, a lot of cupcakes (he he, ♥ you Mommy), and the third one is a Valentine's Day card for my love. I can't remember what each one said inside, which is too bad. Maybe I have it written in a sketchbook somewhere... hopefully!

Well, thanks for joining me here for this week's Art Series Post and Throwback Thursday. I hope to have more progress to show you on the comic book project next week. I am also working on another art project for a special family member's birthday, so we'll see how my time management skills help me out. :D

I'll see you all back here in a day or two for my next blog post and new video! Love Ya's!!!


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