My Week In Review -Two-

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Saturday, Everyone! Back with another review of my week for you all. It's raining today and you know what that means? It means IT'S NOT SNOWING and that means things are starting to warm up outside. Yesterday got up to 21 degrees celcius here and I even noticed some green sprigs of grass sprouting up on our lawn! That means it’s time to get out and rake up all those old leaves and maybe even start thinking about what kind of flowers I want to plant. Also, I can’t wait to get out on my bike (new last summer) – it’s a coral colored cruiser with a basket on the front. I love it! And also start some spring time tutorials for you all! :)

DIY Polymer Clay & Faux Gold Leaf Earrings

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hi, friends! WOW it’s been a rough last few days! I’ve been so sick… it’s real bad! I swear, if any of you seen me now, you’d probably scream! But I’ll be back to good as new soon…hopefully! I managed to get this video tutorial ready for you, though! I’m showing you how to make some of these earrings yourself! It’s quite easy and takes about 30 minutes of work in total, plus there is drying and baking time… but who counts that? You can go and do whatever else you want while they’re drying or baking! And don’t forget, you can make these whatever shape or color you’d like!

My Week In Review -One-

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hey, everyone! So, normally I try to keep my blogging to something I do during the week so that I can have a couple days off on the weekend to enjoy other things or get caught up on things around the home, but I am going to try to do a weekly installment of these types of posts where I tell you about how my week went in different areas of my life and the blog. I’m going to try to post these each Saturday, so keep an eye out for notifications on facebook, twitter, or Instagram if you want to follow along. :) This is how it’ll go:

Monthly Beauty Buys From February

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hi, Beauties! I’m back again with another Monthly Beauty Buys installment! Just so you guys know, my Beauty Buys will always look like they’re a month behind but really aren’t because I wait until the end of the month, then pick 3 things I purchased and I liked the most, so when I post about them it’s already the next month. That may be obvious, but I just thought it worth mentioning. :) So, for February, I’ve got an eye shadow stick by Flower Beauty, another nail polish, again, by Flower Beauty, and a face moisturizer by Korres to talk about. Let’s take a look!

As I mentioned last month, I am really loving this new beauty line called Flower Beauty! It’s by Drew Barrymore and she’s involved in every part of it from its formulas to even quick video tutorials. I also mentioned that I may do a post dedicated to this line in the future since I’m loving it so much, and love her passion for providing women with quality products that are affordable. Just take a look at the color of this Eye Shadow Chubby stick. The texture is so smooth and velvety and this color, Dark Side Of The Blue, is quite pretty on days I want to add a nice pop of color. It’s really easy to apply directly from the stick to my eyes and then use my finger to blend it out. If I notice any creasing, I just use a very light sweep of some translucent powder and if I want the color to remain vibrant all day, I set it with a slight sweeping of an eye shadow in a similar color; together they work harder to keep eye shadow looking amazing all day long! Awesome!

Yay or Nay - CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hi, Lovelies! I’ve got another great post for you all today! I don’t often get requests to do certain videos (though they are welcome) but I got a request from one of my lovely folllowers over on YouTube to review a particular product, I thought it was a good idea, so that is what I have for you today – Yay or Nay on CoverGirl’s LashBlast Fusion Mascara.