A Tough Few Weeks - Saying Goodbye

Friday, June 26, 2015

God saw you getting tired
And a cure was not to be
So he put his arms around you
And whispered, "Come With Me".

With tearful eyes we watched you
And saw you pass away
And although we love you dearly
We could not make you stay.

A Golden heart stopped beating
Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.
~Frances and Kathleen Coelho

As I sit here trying to write this post for you all, I do find it very hard, but I consider you all my friends and am very grateful for the support of you all and feel I need to share with you what's been happening in my life the past few weeks, and why I was taking some time away. I hope you'll read the entire post. So, here it goes!

Many of you may not know this, some of you do, but in March if 2014 my grandmother, Evelyn, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Earlier this month, a couple weeks after her 75th birthday, as she was quickly beginning to feel the effects on her body, I felt an urgent need to get home to see her. She and I would send text messages back and forth from our ipads (yes, my grandmother with an ipad), and her responses were beginning to become less and less. It made me feel sad but I knew that it must mean she really isn't feeling well, and updates from my mom and family confirmed that. She was in a lot of pain, her stubborn side keeping her from taking her pain meds regularly, but was still healthy looking and taking her daily drives to the beach with my grandfather. I wanted to get home to spend a week or so with her while she was still having some good days, and help her if she needed it (if she accepted it). Then, she fell...

A Quick Note To All My Lovely People

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know that it might be a couple of weeks before I get to do a new post for you. I'm taking some time with my family in a difficult time for us, and when I am back in a couple of week and I;m ready, I will fill you all in. Thank you all for your continued support, I know you understand and I'll see you all soon! You guys can still leave me comments and messages here and on facebook and I will still get them and read them.

Love you all!
Sam ♡