Peppermint Swirl Soap - Homemade Scented Gifts #1

Monday, December 1, 2014

Well, Everyone, this is the first of my Homemade Scented Christmas Gift Ideas WITH video tutorials – 5 in 5 days! I am starting to get nervous…the sleep deprivation has begun already. Ha ha! Only slightly today. But, I’m also very excited! I really want to reach my goal and I really want to get these great ideas to you all! ;)

Okay, so, this first one is DIY Mini Peppermint Swirl Soaps. This is a very easy tutorial and it only takes about 15 minutes or less to get these into the molds for cooling!

Also, this tutorial can be used anytime of the year; not just Christmas! You can change up the scent with your choice of essential oils as well as the color if you want! Any of these tutorials this week are the same idea – great gift ideas for any time of year!

I didn’t include the packaging process in the video since it’s not part of making the soap, but I DO have step by step instructions along with photos for my packaging if you just scroll down past the video! And then, as far as tags go, I did mine by hand, so just be creative! ;) K, so here’s the things you’ll need:

SUPPLIES YOU'LL NEED (Makes about 1 ½ Mini Muffin Pans)
- Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base - $16.99 at Michaels for 2lbs.
- Peppermint Essential Oils - Try this one or this one look at Health Food Stores
- Red Soap Colorant (dye) - $2.99 at Michaels **PURELY ESTHETICS**
- Mini Muffin Pan or Soap Molds (s) – Pan was $3 at the Dollar Store (Dollarama)
- Treat Bags or Soap Bags – store with candy supplies like Bulk Barn or Michaels

So easy, right? So, I packaged mine individually so that the soaps can be opened one at a time and the others will still stay nice and fresh and won’t dry out! If you’d like to package yours like I did you can take a look at those directions below. I think it’s a great way to do it since I’m just using the same bags for everything!

1.) You’ll need your treat bags (soap bags), Scotch tape, and scissors.

2.) Fold your bag exactly in half and cut along fold.

3.) You’ll end up with one piece that isn’t sealed on the end and the other piece will be – we’ll be using both pieces. Follow the appropriate arrow for how to handle each half.  

Click to Enlarge

4.) Choose the half of the bag that is sealed on one end.

5.) Position soap at the bottom against the sealed end and centered.

6.) Fold the opened end neatly over the broader side of the soap and secure with a piece of Scotch tape.

7.) Pull each corner into the center. Skip to Step #10. 


4,) Choose the half of the bag that is not sealed on either end.

5.) Position soap in the center.

6.) Start on one opened end and fold the opening like you would starting wrapping the end of a gift – one edge down…

7.) …and the other end up and overlapping it.

8.) Secure with a piece of tape making sure that your taped end is the one that ends up on the broader side of your soap. You want all your tape to be on the broader side on all your soaps. Do the same to the other opened end starting back at Step #6 in this section.

9.) Pull each corner into the center.

10.) Secure with another piece of Scotch tape.

11.) And you’re done! This is what your package should look like.

And there you have it – a great homemade Christmas gift packaged up all nicely! All you have to do is put a few in a bag (I put 5 in each bag) and secure with some festive ribbon and add a nice tag! Be creative! ;) If you want to add a little something extra you could get some sticker paper and make some stickers to put over the tape side of your soap. It hides all your tape, not so nice looking-ness, and looks really polished! That’s it for this post!

Your Joyful Holiday Blogger,
Sam ♡

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