Costume Idea #1 - Katy Perry "Dark Horse"

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hi Beauties (and Handsome...ies)!

Well, I’m finally here with my first Halloween costume option for you all! It’s a Katy Perry look from her Dark Horse video - Wicked Egyptian Queen!! It was a pretty fun one to do so I hope you all like it!

Unfortunately I will only have 2 Halloween costume ideas for you this season. :( I had a couple of others planned but things didn’t go as planned for me this month. I started out strong but, while I was visiting home in New Brunswick, two unexpected things occurred: there was funeral I stayed a little longer to attend and I passed out, for unknown reasons, and tweaked my neck which left me in pain with a heating pad and Advil to help me through. The 6 hours I spent on a plane to get back were even less comfortable than usual. :/ Buuutt, anyway… 

So, this costume is what I will be sporting on Halloween. I don’t show this in the video, I will post some photos on facebook and Instagram on Halloween, but I plan to make the shoulder/bodice piece out of cardboard and some gold spray paint. I know this won’t help anyone who decides to use this tutorial since it’ll already be Halloween, but I suggest you try and do the same if you’re gonna wear this as well! It really just has to get the look of the costume across – imagine trying to create an accurate piece like that just for a Halloween costume! If you’re interested in this look then you probably know what I’m talking about from the video…if not, go watch Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” video! ;)

Okay, as usual, before you scroll down to the video, here is a list of things you’ll need to re-create this look yourselves and in brackets you’ll find the items I used. You don’t have to have the exact brand that I use, just use what you have or can find that suits your budget. 

M A K E U P (Similar to will work):
      -   Foundation (Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation)
      -   Concealer (CoverGirl Smoothers & FX Camouflage)
      -   Powder Bronzer
      -   Dark Brown Brow pencil or powder
      -   Brown Shadows - Contouring (Mabelline The Nudes Palette)
      -   Highlighting Powder
      -   Blush - Dusty Rose Color (Annabelle #48)
      -   Gold Eye Shadow (Annabelle loose shadow pot [color?])
      -   Turquoise Shadows (Sephora Color Anthology)
      -   Glitters (Lit Kit Summer Sparkle & Halloween Cream Glitter)
      -   Liquid Liner - Black (Sally Beauty)
      -   Pencil Liner – Black
      -   Lashes (Ardell Runway - Giesel Black @ Sally Beauty

H A I R:
      -   Black Bob Wig ("Black Pageboy" @ Spirit of Halloween)
      -   Color for Top Layer (Garnier Color Styler - Bronze Attitude)
      -   Jewels or Studs (Gem Strip @ Walmart)

S U G G E S T I O N S:
       ** I found some perfect glitter eye shadows for this look at Sephora that were $16 each but I opted for the Lit kit glitter since it was only $22 rather than spending the $32 for both the eye shadows. If you don’t mind spending the extra $ then I’d suggest trying out the eye shadows instead. They were Sephora brand and come in individual pots. Color N° 11 Break The Bank - Light Green Glitter & Color N° 4 French Riviera - Gold Glitter.
       ** Instead of applying your bottom lash gold glitter before your eye liner like I did, apply it is a tiny pointed brush or slanted brush to eliminate the trouble with the eye liner and the cream glitters that I had. I will be smarter when I do mine on Halloween! ;) 
So now, here is the video. I’ll have my other Halloween Makeup look up next week – Costume on a Budget (Dollar Store Costume).

That’s it! If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I’ll get back to ya! ;) Maybe you just wanna say “Hi” to ‘lil ‘ol me? :D

Have fun becoming wicked queen-like a la Katy Perry!  

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  1. Nicely done! Would like to see how you apply your falsies though.

    1. Oh, really? I didn't include that part because I assumed it was too simple for people to care and also noticed a lot of other YouTubers not including it either. But, if you do care, next time I do a makeup tutorial with lashes (hopefully a shorter one than this) I will include it for sure and then I can refer people to it in future makeup videos as well. Thanks for letting me know you felt it was missing! :D Glad you liked the look! Yay!


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