Costume Idea #2 - Budget Costume *Sugar Skull*

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

K, Folks!

Here is my Costume Idea #2. As I said in my last post, and I do apologize, I meant to have more ideas than just 2 this year, but things happened. But, I’m still excited for this one because it is a Budget Costume Idea! All the supplies can be purchased from either the Dollar Store or Walmart for very little money – I would say for between $10 to $15! It’s a Day of the Dead Calavera or, more commonly known as, a Sugar Skull makeup tutorial!

It’s a become a very popular trend in North American countries and many others and since this is a late post, being it is only a day until Halloween, this is great for last minute Halloween plans! It’s also great because you can’t really make a mistake doing the makeup. If you’re a guy, then you can do without the scalloped edge eyes and head piece and it works for you, too. So, here’s what you’ll need to achieve this look:

What You’ll Need:
      -   Tube of White Face Makeup - $1 at Walmart
      -   Face Painting Crayons - $3 at Walmart (I double checked) or $2.99 at Spirit of Halloween
      -   Decorated Head Band - $2 at the Dollar Store
      -   Black Roses $1.50 for a bunch at the Dollar Store
      -   Red Roses $1.50 for a bunch at the Dollar Store
      -   Makeup Sponges - $1 per bag at the Dollar Store
      Additional Optional Items
          -   Tube of Black Face Makeup - $1
          -   False Lashes - $2 at the Dollar Store
**And hopefully you already have baby powder and black eye shadow. If not, borrow it from a friend or check out the dollar store for baby powder and Walmart for some cheap black eye shadow. :)

Alright, so now here’s the video! Remember, you can be as creative as you want or copy mine or a little of both! Also, after I finished the video I did go back and touch everything up to refine the look and make everything nice and neat and the reds much brighter! I’m pleased with the results of this budget conscious Halloween look! Check it out! ;)

Well, I guess, sadly, that’s it for the my Halloween looks this year. Next week I won’t have a video because I’m going to be getting some ideas ready for my Christmas tutorials and videos but I will have a couple of blog posts for you I hope, so stay tuned on facebook and/or twitter and/or bloglovin’ and/or Instagram to know when I’m posting those! 

Have a most awesome and spooky Halloween and be kind to the kiddies!

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