Monthly Beauty Buys for June & Yay or Nay Video!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bonjour, everyone! So, today I am starting this new Series called Monthly Beauty Buys! This one is for all my peeps who love being creative when it comes to Beauty Products or, like me, love being creative in ALL aspects!! I will be doing these posts once a month (duh, he he) and I’ll be showing you some beauty items I have bought and am liking each month. I may, from time to time, like I have in this post, do a “Yay or Nay” video for that Series I have started on YouTube where I give my first impressions of a new (or new for me ) product. Hopefully you guys will like this series and, if so, I will keep doing them! :D So, let’s get started!

So, I’ve got 3 items to show you guys that I am liking… I probably bought more than that in June… but I narrowed it down to 3 for this post. :)

First I want to show you my SensatioNail by Nailene Gel Polish Starter Kitfor using in combination with soak off gel nail polishes. I got it because when I was at home my mom bought one and I was able to try hers and LOVED it! The nail polishes you buy to use with this light are more expensive ($11 to $22 each) than regular lacquer or enamel ($5 to $13 each) polishes depending on the brand but I feel it is worth it and you can often find them on sale!! The Gel polishes last up to 2 weeks and they won’t chip at all which is a problem many of us have with regular polishes. When I spend a lot of time doing nice designs on my nails I want them to last longer than a day or two and this definitely ensures that it will! The only downside is the removal process is not as easy as just swiping the color away with nail polish remover, but I still feel it is worth it when I only have to go through the removal process every week or two. If anyone wants to know more about the Gel polishes then just leave me a comment and I may do a separate post on it and my experience with them.

The next thing that I am liking this month is this Sally Hansen Color Foil Nail Polish. I have been looking for a highly reflective or mirrored polish like this for so long. Now, this still isn’t as reflective as I’d really want, but it’s the closest thing I’ve found to date and I’m pretty excited about it. I know you can get that highly reflective look from using actual nail foiling, but I more into the idea of a quick and easy polish! You can get this product in several colors but I’m more into the Silver and the Gold that you see on my nails here! LOVE IT!

And the last thing I want to show you for this post is the Maybelline Mega Plush Velvets Colored Mascara in Purple Velvet. I saved this for last because I also have a NEW VIDEO about it! YAY! You can get this is 3 colors (Purple, Navy, and Emerald) but I like the purple for my hazel green eyes to really make them pop a bit more then brown or black, and it’s just a fun color. This mascara it quite nice and creamy and is great for a fun but more subtle look. If you want to hear more of what about how I feel about this mascara you can watch my new YouTube video, YAY or NAY – Maybelline Mega Plush Velvet Colored Mascara. This is my very first video in this series and you can find it just below! ;)

Ok, guys, that’s it for my very first Monthly Beauty Buys post. I hope you guys like and, as I said, if people seem to like it, I will keep doing them. Now, you’ve seen the products I am liking this month…as far as beauty products go. What beauty products have you been into lately? Did you find this post fun? Helpful? If you follow me on YouTube, would like to see it in Video form? Let me know by commenting below!  

Have a fun-filled day and remember; creativity comes in many forms and that includes Beauty Products! Luv ya!

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  1. Hey Sam...I liked your video!. I may have missed if you found that the Maybelline Mega Plush Velvets has a bit of volume to them too? My lashes are super straight and I always have a hard time finding a good mascara that lasts. Would you recommend the Cover girl one that you tried under on the second eye for someone like me hehe Thanks!

    1. I didn't find that the Mega Plush Deep Velvets had much volume at all. A bit, but subtle and more just adds some color and fun to your look. I would recommend the CoverGirl one for sure! The CoverGirl Lash Blast mascaras have been my favourite since they came out with the Lash Blast Volume about 7 years ago (the chubby orange tube) and then my favourite became the Lash Blast Fusion which adds volume and length (the chubby purple tube). Right now, it's toss up for me between the Lash Blast Fusion and the Lash Blast Bombshell mascara that I show in the video. They both help create tons of volume but the Bombshell is a tiny bit more work since it's 2 steps. As long as you apply it by wiggling at the base of the lashes to really get it in there and pull up, it should create lots of volume for you! I used to use an eyelash curler, which I do find makes a difference, but on a regular basis, with either of these mascaras, I don't find I need to take the time... I might still curl if it's for a special occasion look. But if you try to push them back at the tips while you're applying your mascara you should get enough curl and it should last. One thing I noticed about the Bombshell though, is that it may transfer, even though it's very lightly, on your brow bone skin by the end of the day, but the Fusion doesn't at all. That's a big problem I used to always have with mascaras until I started using the Lash Blast ones. Another good mascara is the They're Real mascara by Benefit, but it's $29 where the CoverGirl ones are $10 to $12 and, in my opinion, the CoverGirl ones are slightly better -- no need to spend big bucks on mascaras... some other makeup products, yes it makes a difference, but that's a whole other topic! :D Wow, I didn't think I had so much to write about just mascara! He he!


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