Easy & Quick Hair Tutorial - The Headband Roll

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hey there!  Today I’ve got a shiney new hair tutorial for you guys! I’m showing you guys how to do this great Headband Hair Roll! It’s so easy and really pretty quick to do. It takes me longer to show you all how to do it since I am explaining things and moving slowly so you can see just how things are done, but it really can take as little as 5 minutes to do. So, really great for when you wake up late or need to run out quickly, just whenever you only have a few minutes but want to look like you didn’t just wake up in a ditch! Alright, let's tale a look at what you'll need and the tutorial.

My DIY Camera Strap - Live, Love, Laugh!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hey, all! Today I just wanted to share this little project with you – DIY Camera Strap. I wasn't initially planning on making a tutorial on this one, but I took enough photos that I am able to and I DO want to share it with all you lovely peeps!

It started with a search for an awesome new and trendy camera strap as part of my mom’s birthday gift, which yielded only junk, straps that were outrageously priced, just plain ugly or boring options, or many combinations of the above, so I thought, WTH – I’ll just make one!! I mean, that is what I do – create! I searched for a while, on many separate trips to various stores and online, for the things I would need like a nice fabric with a nice pattern, some skinny strap material, some tension buckle thingys… but I wasn’t having much luck with any of those things. I was just going to buy a cheap, plain strap and dissect it to re-use the pieces, but I couldn’t even find one of those, in stores or online. BUT I knew I did have the original strap from my previous DSLR that, even though it was an original Canon strap, I wasn’t using and doubted I would use again in the future – I tend to find sentiment in things unnecessarily. So, as much as it pained me to wreck a perfectly good Canon strap, it was worth it to be able to make my mom something with my own hands – she always taught us that handmade gifts are way more special than anything that can be bought. So that’s what I did. Let’s take a closer look!

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hi, Guys! So, over the past few weeks, I’ve learned that I still haven’t gotten any better at mixing my visits home with working on my blog… actually, this visit was probably the worst I’ve done with it. I was there for 3 weeks – the first week was wedding stuff with my friend, the bride, and the rest of the wedding party, the second week my mom and I visited my grandfather for several days, and the third week I was just at home. I did push myself to get a little work done on the video tutorial I have for you today (YAY), but not a whole lot. The plan was to have it up for you all while I was there. Sorry, guys!  I did help my mom with a pretty big project the last week I was home though, and I will be blogging about that project once my mom finishes with the final touches and sends me the photos. :) Now, let’s get to the tutorial!