Art Series - Post #9 - "Nanny" in Graphite

Saturday, July 26, 2014


In this installment of my Art Series posts I wanted to share with you all a graphite portrait drawing I did of my grandmother as a gift to my mother on her birthday this past April! 
I saw a picture of my grandmother’s huge family from when she was a little younger :)… I think maybe 16 or 17 years old (she just had her 74th birthday this past May), and thought how beautiful she was. I immediately knew I wanted to draw her. With my mom’s birthday coming up, I figured it would be a meaningful gift! Here she is:

Drawing a portrait of someone you know and someone you love and respect so much is difficult because you want it to be just perfect. I’m a perfectionist as it is!! He he. You just want to make sure it does look like them so you need to get certain features just right. This one is still hard for me… it really does look like her and I am quite proud of it… but there are things I’d like to fix. Maybe I’ll do another one. :)

I also took pictures along the way, once again, so that I could compile them into another time-lapse video for you guys. This one turned out quite interesting because you can really see how much it changed and the adjustments that were made, from beginning to end, until I felt I had finally captured her. Hope you all enjoy, take a look:

I’ll have more comic book progress for you guys shortly. Haven’t posted on it in a while. If you’re following me (The Creative Glow) on my facebook page, then you probably saw my post about all the stress going on around my upcoming move. Things have begun to look up. I had to stay strong and try to remain positive, but things are getting much better and hopefully, soon, my schedule with blogging will get back to normal! So, yes, look forward to more Art Series posts, including my comic book progress as I mentioned, and lots of other creative posts and videos! :D Can’t wait! Lots of ideas planned!

Luv ya! 

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  1. Beautiful! You are so talented! I see Shirley too when I see this photo.

    1. Thanks, Clara! I thought so too at a certain point of the drawing process. I see a lot pf people in the drawing including my mom and even myself. Guess it makes sense though. :)

    2. Laurel Ramsay-BoudreauJuly 27, 2014 at 6:48 PM

      beautful work..Aunt Evelyn is a beautiful lady inside and out. I know exactly the picture you drew it from and you did an amazing job. Love this picture so much.

    3. Thanks, Laurel!

      She definitely is! Love my Nanny! I did this one for my mom, but Nan liked it so much that I think I'm gonna have to do one for her too. Now I just have to get my hands on some other photos of her from her younger years. I'll be sure to do another post on that one once I do it. Stay tuned!


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