Art Series - Post #7 - Comic Book Sketches

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hey Everybody!

So, as I promised I would do this week, I am showing you some very preliminary drawings of some of the characters I am working on for this comic book project I have mentioned a few times in the recent past. 

As I said on facebook and you may have seen (if you're not following, well, get on that!) I am still scared this week to show this stuff. It isn't that great, in my opinion, at this point, and everything needs a lot more work. But, it's a process, and this is just the beginning so take a look.

First, here is Marianne. She is one of the main characters in the story:

Marianne has been seen by the writer of this story and she won't be changing a whole lot. Next, this is Julie, she is more of a supporting character... at least from reading the first issue, that's what I can tell: 

Her look may or may not change. She still needs more of a hair style and I have ideas for that. So next update you'll see her more developed. And then, for now, this is the only other character I have worked on, this is John:

With this character, again, he may or may not change. He will have glasses, that's one thing that will be added and still needs a hair style.Again, ideas are in my head. I still have 3 other characters... wait, no 4 other characters to design for this first issue, but I think I am going get these 3 fully finalized from head to toe before tackling the others. I have started on Marianne's body design... but I will leave that for the next update I show you all.

I hope you are all excited to see the progress on this project. It is a lot of work and I hope you'll all watch as I make my way through this from beginning to end!

Love you all!



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  1. Hi, thats an amazing drawing, I really like how john looks without the glasses though. So I wanted to ask if your the one writing the comic?

  2. Hi Lindo! Thanks for commenting! No, I am not the one who's written the story. I may reveal more details about the writer at some point, but I'll have to see if he wants to be mentioned in my posts. :)

    I am glad that you like the drawings so far. John will have to have glasses, though, since it is part of what conveys his personality to reader.

    Thanks, again, for commenting and feel free to continue to interact on my posts! I look forward to it! Have a great day!


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