Christmas Content & Doing My Best

Thursday, November 26, 2015

I just wanted to leave a little note here on the blog for any of my blog followers who are wondering "Where is all the Christmas stuff, already?!". If you've liked The Creative Glow over on facebook you probably have already seen my posts about my computer issues, if not... I was having computer issues! He he! I was unable to edit videos because my computer was running so very horribly, therefore I decided to format it which had its own set of issues, but not it is up and running and I am just about ready to dive back into my Christmas stuff. Just a few things to sort out with my Adobe subscription and I should be going by tomorrow! Yay and phewff!!

Maybelline Brow Drama Demo and Review & Brow History

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Eyebrows - not only do they help the rest of your face in conveying a wide breadth of emotions, but they are quite possibly the best accessory to your most beautiful look.

Brows have gone through many trends, from as far back as Cleopatra darkening her eyebrows with kohl, to the Ancient Greeks who wore false eyebrows and unibrows were desired, to the Byzantine woman who plucked them into thin straight lines and drew a thick line directly under the brow, and the Middle Ages when foreheads were the focus and eyebrows were often non-existent, on into the very thin brows worn by the silent film stars in the 1920s for that pensive look. These days, and since about the 1940s, women are sticking with a more natural looking brow, with the exception of a few years in between when thinner brows were “in”.