Happy Birthday To ME! Cake, Cake, Cake,...

Monday, June 9, 2014


Okay, so, as I mentioned on facebook, I’m hoping to have my new video all ready and uploaded for you guys by tomorrow at some time. For today, I am just getting caught up on one of a few things I had promised to share with you here on my blog and haven’t yet. My birthday was a couple of months ago (end of March) and I haven’t gotten to post anything from that yet, so let’s see… 

Oh, here we go, some photos from my birthday:

I never really get up to too much on my birthdays. Usually my boyfriend brings me out to dinner and then we go to a movie. Then we come home and have my favourite birthday cake, ice cream cake!!! Oh, and there’s gifts! He usually spoils me and he did again this year. This is what he got me:

Some Drenched in Color Solo HD Beats headphones! These really are awesome and a new book light for reading since mine is broken and I really love reading before going to sleep!

My mom spoils us kids for our birthdays, too. When we were younger it was just her and us 4 kids who she was raising on her own and she couldn’t really afford much spoiling, so I think she likes to be able to do it now. She loves to make us happy, but I, and I think we kids all think the same, it’s not necessary but we are very thankful and appreciative. Anyway, this is what she got me for my birthday and I love it:

This lens has helped me get some great shots, like the ones for my Keira Knightley Makeup Look post for example. It’s great for getting up close without having that bulging effect from other lenses and creates a beautiful depth of field for portraits! Check it out more details:
Canon EF 40mm/2.8 STM Standard Lens, Black

And my sister spent way too much getting this lip balm for me. You girls out there may recognize it from the 90’s. As young girls it was a favourite of mine and my sister’s and she couldn’t believe she was able to find it. I love it so much and I think it’s a very special gift that reminds me of our childhood every time I smell it. ♥

My sister and I are only 1 year and 4 months apart in age, so we’ve been very close for most of our lives… with exception to some occasions when I was just her little copying sister …and a couple years in the early teens that I’ll just call “those” years.

And to finish the evening off, as I mentioned, ICE CREAM CAKE! I made a small tweak to the numbers... I think this suits me better since you're only as old as you feel:

If I find any missing photos from dinner I will update this post to include those as well. Maybe on my boyfriend's phone. I'll let you know on facebook and twitter if I do. :D

Well, my friends, I guess that’s it for my Birthday post. As you can see, nothing too exciting, but fun none the less. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on facebook tomorrow for a message letting you know when the NEW VIDEO is up. It may be late when it gets up, but I’m trying, trying, trying my best to get it up there tomorrow! Alright, and now, I’m going to leave you with this silly gif. :D

Great Big Hugs from my computer to yours! Love you ALL! xo 

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