First 'First Impressions' Video - 3 Products

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hey Peeps! :D 

Finally, I’m back with a new blog post. I had a lot of set-backs with posting this month with my flight back after the Holidays was cancelled not once but twice. It was good to spend the extra time with my family so I didn’t mind too much but it did set things back a bit with my videos, and then I got sick right after I got home. It took me quite a while to feel better and to feel  healthy enough to record a new video so that it wouldn’t just be me coughing and sneezing and sniffling and just sounding awful… Eww! 

Now that I am feeling much better I do have a new video for you all. You may or may not notice that my voice in the video still doesn’t sound quite normal… or maybe it’s just me who can tell. Anyway, this is my very first ‘First Impressions’ video. I got a few products while I was away that I wanted to tell you guys about so let’s get to it. 

First I will show you a few pics and a quick intro to each product and then the video is just at the bottom of this post. :) So these are the products featured in my video:

Okay, so first up in the video will be this AWESOME pink, LIMITED EDITION COLOR Clarisonic Mia 2. I had been thinking about buying one after having seen many great reviews. It is a bigger purchase for me and I had to do a lot of thinking about it, but in the end I figure that if it helps with my skin (I have developed problem skin over the past 5 years or so) then it is worth the investment.

How I Spent the Holidays - Part 1

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hi Everyone!!! Happy New Year! 

I hope you all had an amazing Holiday and got to spend tons of time with family and friends! That’s really the best part, isn’t it? :) 

Now that the Holidays are over I’m getting back into the swing of things here at The Creative Glow. After this coming week things should get back to normal with my usual posts and my usual schedule! For now, though, I’ve gotten this post together for you guys to share some of the fun I had over the Holidays! :)  

Oh, and I want to remind you guys that there is still 4 DAYS LEFT to enter my GiveAway! If you haven’t entered and want to just follow this link to the Entry Page: ENTER TO WIN! Just want to remind you to make sure to follow the directions. You can earn up to 5 entries by completing certain tasks which are explained on the widget included on the Entry Page. Make sure to complete a task before clicking “Enter”, “I’m a Fan!”, “I Follow on Twitter!”, or “I Commented!” because entries ARE moderated. Ones that are received without having done so will be thrown out…I mean, because, obviously, I’m not just giving stuff away to people who don’t even like The Creative Glow. It’s for all of you amazing likers and lovers of my blog and videos! J Also, you’ll have to make sure to have your YouTube privacy settings set so that your subscriptions aren’t kept private because if I can’t see you’ve subscribed to my channel, then I don’t know you’ve actually done so. I AM trying to find out a better way to do this so that my fans can have their subscriptions private and still enter my giveaways while also allowing me to be certain that they have subscribed, but I’m not there yet, and it could be because Rafflecopter is that there yet.