DIY Jewelry Dish Project (IKEA Hack) - Fun, Easy, Inexpensive!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bonjour, Friends!!!

Today I have a fun crafty video tutorial for you guys! When you take your jewelry off at the end of the night do you end up with little piles of jewelry on your night stand or perhaps on your bathroom vanity? Well, I do. I’m always so tired and I don’t feel like having to organize them in their usual home at that point, I just wanna go to beddd! If you’re like that too this project will be great for you or even if you just want a cute way to display some of your favourite jewelry pieces. I’m showing you how to make your own jewelry dishes and very inexpensively, too! BONUS! ;) Here, take a look at what we’re making:

So, if you wanna make some of these, first there’s a few things you’ll need to pick up and some things you’ll probably already.

Things You’ll Need
      -   Candle Plates or Dishes (IKEA for 99¢ - JOKER 900.641.96)
      -   Glass Paint (Michael’s for $5.99 – Martha Stewart > I used Frost Translucent in Beach Glass)
      -   Sponge Brushes (Michael’s for 89¢)
      -   Masking Tape
      -   Craft Knife (X-Acto Knife or other)
      -   Rubbing Alcohol
      -   Cosmetic Sponges
      -   A Pen or Pencil
      -   Stencils (Circles, Squares, or whatever you’d like)

So, once you’ve got all your supplies, you’re ready to get started. You may want to watch this video before picking your stencil so you know will work for you. Okay, let’s watch:

So? That’s pretty simple, right? And I think they look pretty cool; I really like mine! Now I can make my little piles of earrings that I take off before washing my face look organized and classy…even though, they are really still just piles. Then, once I have a moment, I can take my jewelry and organize them back in their usual home. :) And, look, this DIY project can also double as a way to make your own drink coasters (ha, ha):

Alright, well, Jewelry Dishes or Drink Coasters, whatever you make them as, I hope you all enjoyed this video tutorial and, as always, if you make some of your own I’d love to see them! You can feel free to send me your own photos of your Jewelry Dishes on The Creative Glow facebook page.


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