DIY Hand-Painted Watercolor Valentine Cards

Sunday, January 31, 2016

We all know that handmade cards are the very best kind - whether giving or receiving! In this post I've got some more handmade cards for you all and this time they are geared toward Valentine's Day - DIY Hand-painted Watercolor Valentine Cards!

Motivational Monday - FREE Printable Download

Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Motivational Monday! Mondays are often tough days for those people who work regular business days and because we're just not feeling' it, troubles throughout the day often ensue. I'm sure we've all experienced this at some point! That's where #MotivationalMonday comes in!

Last week I did a post as a pick-me-up for anyone who had a rough Monday showing some great Motivational Word Art which turned out to be quite a popular post here on the blog and other social media. I liked that and felt I wanted to try and help people, and myself, start off our work weeks with a positive quote or thought on a regular basis, so I'm starting this series, Motivational Mondays, here on the blog, that will include limited time FREE printable downloads designed by me, and, hopefully, help put us in a positive mindset to start our Mondays.

Yay or Nay - ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Reviewed

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I started hearing about ColourPop cosmetics some time last year -- good things -- and was very anxious to try something from them! I got lucky at Christmas and got some of the Super Shock Shadows as part of my Christmas gift from Victor's sister -- she put together this incredible little gift box of cosmetics for me that was such a great gift idea and she did a great job! She got me the Metamorphosis collection, which is a collaboration with CoffeeBreakWithDani, and that is what I am reviewing and showing in this video and post today.

10 Motivational Word Art Quotes For After A Bad Monday

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is "Bad" plus "Monday" too redundant? I don't know... but yesterday was one of those days for me! Nothing seemed to be going right. Mondays are usually video recording days for me, so I did that, but it was pretty much a wasted day where I had to do everything over, Blegh! I know I already said nothing was going right, but NOTHING WAS GOING RIGHT!

I don't like to let negative thinking consume me and ruin my day, but sometimes it's hard to push it away and it does end up doing just that. And I really don't like to bring it here to my blog because I only want this to be a happy place where people come to read good things, learn fun things, and feel inspired! I think, in a way, that helps me, when I am feeling upset about something or having a bad day, to bring myself out of it - I think of you guys, or my family, and think what I would say to make any of you feel better if you were having a rough day! Then I say those things to myself! So in writing this post that did begin somewhat negative, let's turn it around with some Motivational Word Art!

Big Voluminous Curls Hair Tutorial

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I had a request for me to do a tutorial on how I get my curls. After some polling over on Facebook it seemed like it would be a good idea, so today I bring you my Big Voluminous Curls Hair Tutorial! In this post you'll find my very detailed video tutorial on how I create these big curls, because there's nothing worse than not having enough info to do something, in my opinion! Furthermore, if people have time to watch an 8 minute video on how to style a messy bun, then the time it takes to watch this more involved hairstyle and techniques tutorial should also be worth it! Beautiful hair takes time, my friends! (Calm down, Samantha! And breathe...) You'll also find some additional tips and tricks that I didn't talk about in the video. So keep reading if you want to get these big curls in your own hair, or you're just curious how I do it!

New Year, New Me & New Blog

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yah, "New Year, New Me" is an over-used, cliché phrase, but... I don't care! Ha Ha! I don't care, first, because I feel it's true, and, second, because it makes me feel good and energized for the year ahead of me! I've got a lot planned for the blog this year, and I just feel like this really is going to be an awesome year for the blog, and for myself as well! The year has only just begun and I've already got some really exciting news about The Creative Glow, we're being featured in a magazine!!!! I will be sharing more with you in a future post in early/mid February - REALLY EXCITING! As for myself, just before Christmas, I got a dramatic haircut, about 14 inches, and I feel like that helped me feel fresh and new to begin a fresh new year! I even got trendy new geek-chic glasses! Here are some other things I'm thinking about for this new year: