Art Series - Post #6 - Graphite & Time Lapse

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hi! :D

So, in last week's Art Series Post you might remember me saying I was going to hopefully have some progress to show you on the comic book project I am working on... yes? No? Either way, I did say that and I am happy to also say that I have made some progress with the character designs... but, I'm sad to say that I've chickened out on posting to show you all just yet. :/ I've got one entire character designed and two others that are just faces at this point. I just feel they need a little more... finessing before I introduce them. So, at this point, I am going to aim for next week. Yes, that's my goal, I will show you all next week... no chickening out! :)

Now, for this week, I will show you another old graphite drawing I did back in July of 2009. I wish I had a better quality image and video to present to you all, and I know I have somewhere with old files but I'm not quite sure where they are. I've searched and couldn't find them. Anyway, here is the drawing and below you will find the time lapse video if you're interested.

That's it for this week's Art Series! I'll have a new video tutorial for you guys on Friday (hopefully) and come back next week for my next Art Series Post where I WILL show you some comic book stuff! ;)

Luv Ya's!


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