What is This Voting Contest All About?!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Okay, so, it looks like a lot of people just really aren't interested in the Prize Poll I have going on. :( Either it needs a little more promotion or, sadly, maybe no one cares? :*( I hope it's just the first option! I love you guys and I'm doing my best to show you with this Thank-You prize! So, in an attempt to better inform you all, perhaps some of you aren't following me on facebook so are out of the loop on the Contest, I am going to do this quick little post about the contest! It's really easy to enter!! So, here we go:

So, what is this Contest all about? Here's an explanation (or you can watch the video, just scroll down , you'll find it!):

DIY Snazzy Studded Clutch Purse!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hellllooo there!! 

Okay, finally, finally, finally I have my new video ready for you all! Phewff! ;) I actually started this video while I was away back home with the intention of getting it up for you all even though I wasn’t at home… things did not work out that way, as you may have guessed. But, it’s ready now and I am excited to have it done for you! This one was a lot of fun and it gave me a lot of other ideas for possible future video!  Okay, so, this video is another DIY project. Check out this photo of what I’m helping you make:

I got the inspiration for this project from an amazing looking clutch that I came across online. That one was much more expensive than this one will cost you to put together and this looks just as snazzy! Now, before the video, here is a list of the items you will need for this project… it’s a short one this time: 

Happy Birthday To ME! Cake, Cake, Cake,...

Monday, June 9, 2014


Okay, so, as I mentioned on facebook, I’m hoping to have my new video all ready and uploaded for you guys by tomorrow at some time. For today, I am just getting caught up on one of a few things I had promised to share with you here on my blog and haven’t yet. My birthday was a couple of months ago (end of March) and I haven’t gotten to post anything from that yet, so let’s see… 

Oh, here we go, some photos from my birthday:

I never really get up to too much on my birthdays. Usually my boyfriend brings me out to dinner and then we go to a movie. Then we come home and have my favourite birthday cake, ice cream cake!!! Oh, and there’s gifts! He usually spoils me and he did again this year. This is what he got me:

Some Drenched in Color Solo HD Beats headphones! These really are awesome and a new book light for reading since mine is broken and I really love reading before going to sleep!

Trip to Hospital & Meeting Batman... ummm, yeh...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hallo Friends! 

Just a quick FYI post about my whereabouts...

So, you may have noticed that I haven’t written any posts in a couple weeks or uploaded a new video. Well, I am now able to tell you guys why. I’ve had to travel home again, from the Western side of Canada all the way over to the Eastern side of Canada, for two very important reasons, and had been very busy preparing. I’ve brought my camera and laptop with me so that I will be able to still get you guys a couple of creative videos going. So, don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too long before you see my silly face again! I've already got one planned and filming it today! 

Also, just want to mention before I get to my strange meeting with Batman, for any of you who have been following, my 100 Subscribers Prize vote has mysteriously re-set itself to ZERO votes so far... quite frustrating! I apologize for this, friends, and I will be re-doing the poll in a better way so this doesn't happen again. I will have a new blog post up to get that going again very shortly, keep an eye out on facebook or twitter or bloglovin' to find out when I've re-posted that voting poll! This is a prize in honour of all my Subscribers (that means you) and you get to decide what I will do, so make sure you VOTE FOR YOUR PRIZE!

Alright, so, the biggest reason I couldn’t mention that I was planning on traveling home, and that my posting might be a little slim, was that it was a surprise visit for my Grandmother’s birthday, so no one could know. I had to safeguard the secret to make it a success. It all worked out and she was very surprised! Yay! She had a wonderful birthday and a lot of our big huge family were there and it was just so much fun! The second reason is a more personal one and is that a family member is sick and I really needed to just come and spend some quality time with them.