What is This Voting Contest All About?!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Okay, so, it looks like a lot of people just really aren't interested in the Prize Poll I have going on. :( Either it needs a little more promotion or, sadly, maybe no one cares? :*( I hope it's just the first option! I love you guys and I'm doing my best to show you with this Thank-You prize! So, in an attempt to better inform you all, perhaps some of you aren't following me on facebook so are out of the loop on the Contest, I am going to do this quick little post about the contest! It's really easy to enter!! So, here we go:

So, what is this Contest all about? Here's an explanation (or you can watch the video, just scroll down , you'll find it!):

This is a Contest that allows me to Thank all my YouTube subscribers for helping me reach 100 SUBSCRIBERS! If any of you have channels of your own then you know just how exciting this is, how much work it took, and, of course, how much your fans helped make this happen! So, I want to thank you all by doing a GIVEAWAY!!! YAY! But I had 3 options in mind and wasn't sure which would be the best reward. Since this is all about rewarding you guys, I figured who better to ask. So that brings us to the FIRST PART of the Contest!! VOTING!


Okay, so, at the moment, this is the part we're at. What I need all you to do is take a look at the 3 voting options (outlined below), decide which one you'd like to see as the Thank You Contest, use the widget on the contest page to vote by completing the 2 tasks requested, once the votes are tallied at the end of the Voting Period I'll know which Contest to launch... or to do a silly dance! If you're doing it right, you should end up with 2/2 entires. So each person should have 2 votes by each doing the 2 tasks requested. I repeat: You NEED to complete BOTH tasks! Here are the 3 options:

                1. A BEAUTY GIVEAWAY - If this option gets the most votes I will hold a, you guessed it, BEAUTY GIVEAWAY! I've collected a few beauty items to this point. If this option gets picked I will be getting additional items to add to the GiveAway. If you want to see what items I have for this option so far, take a look at the video lower on this page. Just scroll down. :) 
                2. A PORTRAIT DRAWING GIVEAWAY - If this option gets the most votes I will hold a CONTEST/GIVEAWAY where I draw someone's portrait and send it to them nicely framed. If you'd like to see an example of one of my portrait drawings and a little more explanation about this, take a look at the video on this page, you just have to scroll down to find it.
                3. A SILLY DANCE BY ME - If this option gets the most votes I will record myself doing a silly dance celebratory dance for reaching (and now surpassing) that 100 Subscribers milestones, and I will then upload it to YouTube for all of your enjoyment and amusement... and my embarrassment. :D He he.

So, now that you know the 3 voting options and, hopefully, the Contest is a little more clear, and you're a little more excited, all you have to do is go vote! It's easy! Just navigate to the Contest Page on my blog. If you look at the navigation bar under my page header you'll see the tab for the page right there, just click it and you're on your way! See the image below if you need a little visual help find the navigation bar, or just click here! :) Then, all you'll need to do is perform both tasks requested on the voting widget (or ballot). You'll be asked to provide your YouTube username and this is ONLY to verify that you've subscribed to my channel. That is the single reason I need this information since this is a thank you to my subscribers and your votes are the ones that are valid! No one else, besides me, can see this info when you enter. And then the other task is entering your vote my copying and pasting from the 3 options listed on the widget. That's it! That's all! Easier then 1, 2, 3... since it's just 1, 2. :D

Click Image to Enlarge


Alright, so, as I mentioned in PART 1, once the poll comes to a close on July 12th, 2014, the votes will be tallied from the entries I got on the widget and the I'll know if I will be holding 1. A Beauty GiveAway, 2. Portrait Drawing GiveAway/Contest, 3. Me Doing a Silly Dance. Again, if you want to see a examples of what will be in the Beauty GiveAway or what the Portrait Drawing GiveAway will be, take a look at the video below.

Okay guys, go vote! I really want to reward you all with a Contest to YOU want! You have until July 12th to enter, but I'd say do it right away so you won't forget! :D I'm very excited about this and I hope you all are, too!

Love Ya's! Happy Voting!

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