Keira Knightley Inspired Look & 100 Subscriber Talk

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hey Lovelies! 

So, I haven’t done any beauty posts in a while and I decided it was time (sorry fellas who follow). What I have for you is a video tutorial for a Keira Knightley look I came across online that I just loved! I don’t often wear a lot of darker or smokey eye makeup but it’s fun to do when the impulse strikes and I just had to try this one out for myself. So, take a look:

No, I’m not fooling myself into thinking that I look anything like Keira, but that doesn’t mean I can’t copy her makeup! ;) I didn’t style my hair like hers, but if enough of you request it, then I’d love to do another video for the hair part to complete the look. You can leave me those requests in the comments section of either this blog post or the video on YouTube! This is my final look:

Click Images to Enlarge

So, now, here’s a list of the products I use to recreate the look. You, obviously, don’t have to use the exact products I do… you can, but don’t have to. Just use the same colors in whatever you have or can find at the store. Also, as I say in the video, the bronzer appears slightly orangey in the video, but as you can see in the photos above, it doesn't actually look that way, it's light and blends wells! Promise... if you apply it correctly! And below that list you’ll find the VIDEO TUTORIAL!!! And, there are some silly OUTTAKES at the end so make sure to keep watching ‘til the end!!! 

Art Series - Post #8 - Handmade Greeting Cards

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Throwback Thursday, Everyone...

I can say that because, sadly but conveniently, I don't have any new art to show you in this week's Art Series post, so I'm throwing back to some greeting cards I have made in the past. 

Closer to Christmas I had shown you a selection of some of the Christmas Cards I had made over the years, and now I get to show you some other cards I've done. I've only got a few to show, I've done several others, but these are the only ones I found photos of and... well... the recipients of those cards have them, so I couldn't photograph them to show. These are all hand drawn, painted with watercolors, and inked with illustration pens. I think, at some point, if I can dedicate the time to it, I will come up with a bunch of new cards and start selling them on an Etsy store. I'll let you all know when/if that happens! Anyhow, for right now, here are some of my handmade greeting cards:

Click to Enlarge (slightly :))

DIY Blooming Flower Mirror - Easy and Inexpensive

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hi Everyone! How was your Easter? I had a pretty great one! I made a yummy Ham dinner with a delicious sweet glaze! SO GOOD!

So, I have a new DIY video for you guys! Today, I’m showing you guys how to make this cool mirror from plastic spoons! This mirror can be combined with other wall d├ęcor or made as part of a series of 3; a large flower mirror in the center and a smaller flower mirrors on each side. It looks really awesome. If you want to make your own, it’s pretty easy and pretty inexpensive (Here is another inexpensive Mirror DIY I did). Below is a list of all the items I used for my spoon flower mirror along with prices (CAN dollars) and then below that you’ll find the DIY Video. I’ve also included, as mentioned in the video, the amount of plastic spoons I used for each circle layer so that you can re-create this exactly as I have.

Art Series - Post #7 - Comic Book Sketches

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hey Everybody!

So, as I promised I would do this week, I am showing you some very preliminary drawings of some of the characters I am working on for this comic book project I have mentioned a few times in the recent past. 

As I said on facebook and you may have seen (if you're not following, well, get on that!) I am still scared this week to show this stuff. It isn't that great, in my opinion, at this point, and everything needs a lot more work. But, it's a process, and this is just the beginning so take a look.

First, here is Marianne. She is one of the main characters in the story:

Marianne has been seen by the writer of this story and she won't be changing a whole lot. Next, this is Julie, she is more of a supporting character... at least from reading the first issue, that's what I can tell: 

Knotty and Nice Bracelet & Paper Beads

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hey All!! 

So, I’m finally able to show you guys this video. If you’ve been join me over on facebook then you’ve probably seen my posts about how this past week was a doozey for me. So many things kept preventing me from getting this started, and then throughout the project I had set-backs (mostly too much noise above me to record anything), and then I was behind by a couple days and staying up until 4:30am each night just trying to get this done. But that’s the life of a blogger (as I’ve heard) and though I have these kinds of weeks sometimes, I just still love doing this so much! I love it and I love you guys! :D And, actually, besides all the delays of the week it was pretty great; I reached 70 subscribers on my YouTube channel and gaining traffic right here on my blog! It makes me feel so happy because I do love doing this and people are liking it in return! So, yes, I made it through the week and I now have a new video for yoouuu! Yayyy! I feel like this is a fun one… I know I had a lot of fun doing this project (despite the set-backs).

This project includes making your own paper beads (cool) and learning how to tie a Celtic knot. Take a look at the final product:

I just love the idea of paper beads, just seems so neat to me. And, plus, since you use about half of a 99¢ piece of paper to make enough beads for one bracelet, this is a fairly inexpensive project that doesn’t look cheap! I love that! Let’s take a look at what you need:

Art Series - Post #6 - Graphite & Time Lapse

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hi! :D

So, in last week's Art Series Post you might remember me saying I was going to hopefully have some progress to show you on the comic book project I am working on... yes? No? Either way, I did say that and I am happy to also say that I have made some progress with the character designs... but, I'm sad to say that I've chickened out on posting to show you all just yet. :/ I've got one entire character designed and two others that are just faces at this point. I just feel they need a little more... finessing before I introduce them. So, at this point, I am going to aim for next week. Yes, that's my goal, I will show you all next week... no chickening out! :)

Now, for this week, I will show you another old graphite drawing I did back in July of 2009. I wish I had a better quality image and video to present to you all, and I know I have somewhere with old files but I'm not quite sure where they are. I've searched and couldn't find them. Anyway, here is the drawing and below you will find the time lapse video if you're interested.