Asymmetrical Headband DIY - I Love It!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hellooo, Friends! Today I bring you another DIY video tutorial – this really cute Asymmetrical Headband! This one is a little longer video than I’ve recently been trying to keep my videos down to, but it just needs a bit more explanation for certain steps, it does not mean that this is hard. It really isn’t.  And it only takes about an hour to make this headband.

So, I’m going to go over the supplies list but I just wanted to note that if you look around at places like Walmart or the Dollar Stores you might be able to find some of the items I purchased at Michaels for a little cheaper. I always hope you guys can spend as little as possible on the projects I bring you. I think I spent about $23 on the stuff I bought and this makes at least 2 headbands, you might be able to make 3 even, but I only made 2. But there were some things I already had…anyway, just see below for the list and prices and whatnot. :)

Nail Art for All - Loud and Trendy or Soft and Subtle

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy LOVE Day! I've got 2 last minute nail art tutorials for you to fit in with the occasion. The first one you'll see is a bright nail that is an alternative for people who want something different than the usual pinks or reds and the like you usually see for the occasion. I've named it "Kisses in the Rain". The second one is for those of you who want to do something but prefer something more classic and subtle - something softer and less in yo face. I've named that one "Subtle Lovin'".Scroll down for step by step photos and instructions! :D

Valentine Nails - Love Letters Nail Tutorial

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hey, Everyone! Just a quick little post to go with this video tutorial! I've been trying to come up with one for a while and ended up thinking of a few at the last minute. I've chosen this one, "Love Letters", to do as a video.

Monthly Beauty Buys From January

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hi, all! Here I am with my Monthly Beauty Buys from January.  I’ve got one of my favourite nail polish colors, some great new cream blushes that I’m loving, and one of the most popular shades of lipstick for the season - I love it! Let’s dive right in! ;)
This color is to die for! It, again, is by Revlon and it’s their Super Lustrous Lipstick line is Black Cherry. This color is a pretty trendy one right now and it tends to look good on pretty much everyone and, as a bonus, makes your teeth look quite white. Yes, it is a very dark color and might be a little shocking when you first put it on but it really does look so pretty. This lipstick keeps your lips quite moist and does have long wearability so that’s also quite nice.