Disgust Makeup Tutorial - "Inside Out" From Disney/Pixar

Saturday, October 3, 2015

All the guessing over on facebook is now over! Here is my first costume tutorial for this Halloween season - Disgust from the Disney/Pixer animated film "Inside Out"! This one was so fun to do - it had me laughing quite a bit while creating the look, and everything worked out so well! The only thing I wish is that I could have found a better wig, but I made do pretty well with what I did find! Here's a side by side of me as myself and as Disgust - she's adorable!

If you want to have a real laugh, watch all the way to the end of the video where I put my (not so great) voice acting skills to work as Disgust - pretty funny! But to be fair - I was just winging it and had no prior rehearsals as Disgust. ;) So, let's get to the video tutorial and keep scrolling for all the eyeshadows I used, and how I made my Disgust Glitter Lashes! Also, check out my other Costume Tutorials for more Halloween costume ideas!

Alright, so if you've gotten here from YouTube you might be looking for the eyeshadow colors I used and/or how I did my eye lashes for this costume All the is outlined and explained below with a few other ideas on how to complete this costume.

Disgust Color Palette Breakdown

I used my Sephora Color Anthology Palette but if you don;t have that, you can just use similar eye shadows from any brand!

1 -- This is the color I used on my face.
2 & 3 -- Blend of these two for eyebrowns and under eyes.
4 -- Eye Lids
5 -- Highlighting
6 -- Contouring
7 -- Lips

DIY Disgust Glitter Eyelashes

I find the perfect eyelashes for Disgust's makeup look at my local pop-up Halloween store, Spirit of Halloween, they just needed a few adjustments!

These lashes already had glitter on them, but it's silver and I needed green so I got myself some glitter craft glue. You can get this from a lot of places: Walmart, Dollar Store, Michaels, to name a few. It doesn't need to be in the same tube; can be a bottle or whatever, just needs to be green glitter glue. I applied it to the from and the back of all the lash, the long sections AND short sections, too, and let it dry.

Once the eyelashes were dry I needed to to cut the long portions away from the rest of the lashes. The long pieces are the most important for Disgust's look, but these small sections are kind of heavy and won't stay on very well by themselves with the amount of lash glue that the tiny base can hold. So what I had to do was re-attach the long lash pieces to one of the shorter lash sections using eyelash glue, one long lash section on either end. This gave the lashes a longer base to hold glue, and more structure to support the weight of the lashes across your eyelid and not all weighing down in one tiny spot. Get me? So then I ended up with two smaller sections of lashes to apply side by side - this allows to fan out a little more similar to Disgust's eyelashes, and is easier to apply lashes in shorter sections. You may need to touch up the glitter before applying, but, that's it!


- To make Disgust's scarf, I just went to the fabric store in bought a small piece of glittered tulle in a matching color to hers.

- I didn't paint all my skin green because my tutorial is mainly to show the makeup but, if you plan to wear this for Halloween, get yourself some bright green tights to save having to paint your legs. If you can't find green tights, buy white ones and dye them that perfect shade of green.

- If you can find green gloves (or white ones to dye) that are long enough, you can get away with not having to paint your arms; that can me tricky if you don't want it to rub off on everything and everyone. If you're hardcore with your costumes like I am (runs in my family), you can paint your arms too, but try a more professional quality body makeup - not the cheapest option though.

- Make sure that you do put green makeup all the way down your neck and on any exposed chest skin. Use a makeup setting spray after your powder to keep your makeup from rubbing off on your scarf too much.

- you will need cropped dark green leggings. Again, if needed, you can get some cheap white ones and dye them green with fabric dye.

- find a green dress at the thrift store for cheap that is similar to Disgust's dress in cut and paint the flowers on yourself using fabric paint or markers and add a belt.

That's all I got for making yourself look exactly like Disney/Pixar's character, Disgust! If you haven't watched the movie "Inside Out" yet, I highly recommend it! And, in the words of Disgust, "Out of my way, people!", I've got more Halloween posts to plan!

Sam ♡

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