Punky Pumpkin Makeup Tutorial & Full Costume

Thursday, October 29, 2015

It’s almost Halloween and I hope this tutorial can be a fun and quick option. I’ve taken the classic pumpkin and elevated to a PUNK-in (or Punky Pumpkin). In this post you’ll find the makeup tutorial for the Punky Pumpkin look as well as suggestions for the costume AND even downloadable photo  instructions and pattern to make the pumpkin lid fascinator hat that I’m wearing in the video and photos. So this is actually a full costume look! YAY!

I really want to get this post up quickly since, as I write this post, there are only a couple days before Halloween and I want people to have time to pull this look together, so I’m going to get straight to the video. You can find the Pumpkin Lid Hat pattern and instructions by scrolling just below the video here on this page.

Keep in mind that if you're really in a hurry, you can simplify the makeup by just doing the eye shapes in just orange cream makeup, paint, or eye shadow and also just do black lipstick or makeup. You can also skip the hat if you haven't got time to make it, or check our The Spirit of Halloween store (or local Halloween store), they had a really cute one there. And if you want the hat but are worried about how long it'll take, just skip the sequins - that's the longest part for sure! Without sewing on the sequins it will take you less than an hour to make! Find the downloadable PDF instructions and pattern for the Pumpkin Hat below.


I wanted to make this hat really affordable to make, and since I couldn't find any full sized sheets of felt (8x10) at the dollar store, I just bought this felt pumpkin for $1.25, and deconstructed it to make the hat. It actually ended up working out better because it was long enough to cut my longest pattern piece out of, and I didn't have to split it and splice 2 pieces together. (*NOTE* - If you want to just use regular felt sheets, you will have to do that.) And also, since the pieces easily peeled off the pumpkin but remained sticky and perfectly in tact, I was able to re-use the black felt pieces for my costume outfit - that can be seen in the video!

*NOTE* - If you only have access to a 8.5x11 inch printer, then you'll have to print the pattern out in 2 pieces and tape it together to get your full piece - this is called tiling. Just make sure that you're printing to actual size (or at 100%). The pattern pdf is 11x17. You could choose to get it printed at your nearest print center or business depot.

That’s it for this Punky Pumpkin costume tutorial. If you need further explanation than just the photos for the Pumpkin Lid Hat, feel free to leave me a comment with any questions. If I get a lot then I’ll update this post with some written instructions to go along with the photos. Be sure to WATCH, LIKE, and SHARE this post with your friends – it makes me happy and helps get my videos and blog out to more people!

Happy Halloweening,
Sam ♡

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