Falling Waterfall (Variation) Braid Tutorial

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hi Everyone! 

I’m so glad to be back with a new video! Yay! If you’ve been following me on facebook (if you haven’t, well, what are ya waitin’ for? Facebook.com/theCreativeGlow) then you know all about my troubles this week. When I finally got to film my video I was interrupted a few times with the barking dog, and I was going to include it as outtakes at the end of my video, but I just chose not to — trying not to dwell on the negative. :) Would you have wanted to see my annoyed faces? Comment below. 

Alright, so, in this video I am showing you a cute casual hairstyle. It looks very feminine and pretty but might take a little practice. I’ve tried to explain the as best I could and I’ve included some additional diagrams in this post that I could not show in the video itself, just in case a little more clarification is needed. It’s not a typical waterfall technique; it’s more of a variation of. If you guys are at all interested in me doing a tutorial on the actual waterfall technique, then just leave me a little comment below letting me know. ;) I aim to please ‘cause I luv ya! But, for now, here is the hairstyle I’m showing you in this video:

Pretty cute, isn’t it? Okay, so you’ll find the video tutorial below, and remember, don’t get discourage if you don’t get the hang of it right away — you will! And once you do, it’ll be a breeze. You can also find those extra diagrams I mentioned, with a little more of an explanation, here on this post just below the video! Have fun!

          1-3.) No explanation needed
          4.) Braid (green strand) as normal, picking up a new strand of hair dark blue as normal french braid.
          5.) Add dark blue strand to green strand as you would with a normal French braid but then drop the green strand while keeping the
          dark blue
          6.) Braid light blue strand over dark blue strand as normal and pick up new strand orange adding it to light blue strand as you would
          with a normal French braid. Remember this side of the braid will always be braid this way; as a normal French braid.
          7.) Braid red strand over light blue/orange strand. The red strand now becomes the strand that you will drop, the same as you did with
          the green. So pick up a new strand to add to the red and continue like you did in diagram 5 (red strand = green strand now).
          And then just keep going like I do in the video.

K, that’s it for this post, friendlies! Let me know what you thought of this tutorial in the comments section below this post. If you wanna just say ‘hi’, please do! I’d love to hear from you! I love getting your comments! They add extra joy to my days! 

Good luck with falling waterfall braidin’ it, y’all! So much love from me to you,

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