Halloween, Zombies & Decorated Glass Results

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mwaahaahaa!! Hello all my likers, followers, watchers, newcomers… and anyone else who I may have forgotten! I’ve broken from my schedule of videos every second week to bring you this extra special post! In preparation for Halloween I’ve done a costume tutorial! Yay! I’m breaking away from the typical girlie costumes I normally do, and doing a gross, scabby, Zombie-Hobo instead. Sssexy! 

(Video at End of Post)

This costume idea was inspired by a costume my mom made and wore a few years ago. She loves Halloween and dresses up for the Trick ‘r Treaters pretty much every year. She’s a lot of fun! :) Here she is that year:

She used the cornflakes all over her face and added horns, some makeup, an old looking sport coat, and some huge rubber boots.

And here is a Halloween bowl my Mom decorated using the technique from my last blog post. Isn’t she awesome? 

She’s the only one who’s sent me any photos of their projects from the vase tutorial so far, so just a reminder; if you’ve tried it yourself please send me some pictures through facebook! I’d love to see them and may even feature them in a future post. :)
Now, hopefully next year I’ll have more than just one of these costume or Halloween videos for you, but I tried to include a lot of different techniques in this one video, so you can re-create it exactly, or pick and choose which things you’d like to incorporate into your own costumes. Either way, I hope you have fun with it and don’t forget to stay tuned until the end to check out the outtakes! These are once in a lifetime outtakes from me… I promise you, they’ll never happen again in future years. ;)

Alright, so here’s a little list of things I used for what I did in the video.

          What You’ll Need:

               - Liquid Latex
               - Spirit Gum
               - Spirit Gum Remover
               - Corn Flakes
               - Tissue Paper
               - Small Foam Brushes (1 inch)
               - Cotton Balls or Cotton Cosmetic Pads
               - Makeup Sponges
               - Pkg. of Beard Hair or Fake Beard (or real beard, if you have one)
               - Costume Makeup *recommended* (I used regular makeup)
               - Paints (I used my watercolor paint pallet)
               - Small paint brushes
               - And the final thing you’ll need; a little bit of time

So, as I mentioned above, you will need to plan to have some time to get ready because the liquid latex does take about half an hour to dry, but you can move on to the next step while you’re waiting or you can do whatever else around the house.
Alright, so here we go! Watch and enjoy! ;) Please leave me comments or questions below in the comments section; I’d love to hear from ya!

So, being that I moved next week’s video to this week so that it’s up before Halloween, I won’t have a video in next week’s post. I would still do one for a third week in a row, but I may not be able to get things organized the best in time, since we’ll have just moved to our new place. I will, however, have my blog post for you next week, as usual, which will be on Halloween! So until then, I’ll see you around Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, that way you’ll have easy access to all my videos!
Getting’ in the Halloween Spirit with Zombie-rific scabs, rotting flesh, and fake beards,


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