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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey, Everybody!!! It’s Thursday, again, and today I've decided to blog about my new Art Room to be! We're moving to a new place (since our landlord has offered our current place to his sister effective next month). Due to the fact we'd rather not run into the possibility of moving when it's snowing (I've experienced it several times in the past...not fun!), we're moving at the end of this month aaannnnddd with this move we decided to get a place with 2 bedrooms so that I can have my own space rather than my drawing table and all my art supplies being set up in the living room area. Now that I'll have that, I can decorate it to my heart's content and to my liking! Yay!! I am so excited about this!!
So, this week, I visited Target to look at some of the décor pieces they have that I might like. I did find a couple things I like that fit within my vision of my art room. I have found a few sample photos online that show the style that I am going for but I am unable to post other people’s photos on my blog due to copyright issues. If you’d like to see a few examples I have included some links to those sites which, I think, so be ok. What I am thinking is a vintage looking color combination like this:

I’ll add a modern touch to it by having an animal print piece somewhere. I do have a Zebra print bean bag seat that I’ll probably stick in the corner. But just one piece of animal print because too much pattern can be overwhelming in such a small space. I also love the look of vases with big, poufy flowers.

Here are a few links showing the inspiration for my art room:

I also like the idea of old or antique looking furniture refinished in the turquoise (or maybe cream) color like this:

My art room isn’t really all that big, so if I have room to incorporate that, it’ll only be one small piece.

One piece I bought at Target was this cute ottoman/storage cube:

I’ve had my eye on it for a while because I love the bright pink color but I had no where to put it in my place. I’m not sure I like the bottom pattern, so I may re-cover that part. I got it at 60% off since it was part of the “Back to School” inventory so it was a great deal too!! No, it isn’t blush colored, but it is in the same color family, pink, and there’s nothing wrong with some vibrancy here or there.

The one other thing I found there was this giant key:

I thought it had an antique feel so I may end up buying that too. I didn’t check the price on it, so if it’s outrageously expensive, I’ll have to let that one go since, like a lot of people, I am decorating on a budget. J At this point I’ve only looked at one store, Target, but I will be out and about looking at other stores for other ideas. I’m sure I’ll find lots of things to fit my vision.

I’m still, obviously, in the very early process of getting this room together. Once we’ve moved and I’ve made some progress I will take some photos, and then, once I have finished, I will reveal the final room to you all and a bit of the process. Hopefully this will be a decorating success.

Here are a couple of other cool things I saw while I was at Target, not for my art room, but that I just had to show you all:

These cool knitted bean bag seats which I thought would be perfect when you have extra guests over for watching movies or game nights. Almost bought one until I saw they are $99.99 CAD and that, in my opinion, is far too expensive for a bean bag. I can make something similar for much less…hmmm, perhaps another idea for a future DIY project

I also liked this cool abstract wall hanging with these nice earthy tones and accent mirrors. These are the colors we have in our livingroom now, so I think it’d be a good fit. It’s just a maybe at this point though.

Well, that’s it for now! Have a Happy Thursday, Everyone, and have a fun and fantastic weekend (long weekend for my fellow Canadians). We're about to celebrate Thanksgiving and I'll be making Turkey dinner again this year for my boyfriend and step-dad. Crossing my fingers for a 3rd consecutive delicious Thanksgiving turkey!

Don’t forget, next Thursday I’ll have an all new video for you guys! Yay! It’s gonna be crafty as heck!! As always, comments or questions are welcome! If you haven't already, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can keep track of when I've got new posts and/or videos for you!

Hugs and Love for tomorrow being Friday, long weekends, and Thanksgiving! *Nom, nom* Turkey dinner!



  1. Sounds like it'S going to be awesome Sam. ♡

    1. Yep, I think so. I'll have to see how things all go together once we move and what else I can find. But it's going to be good!

  2. Hey,
    I want to get a cover for my couch but not sure how to make it look, you know...not cheap. Do you have any advice? Like what kind of cushions would spruce it up or what colors to avoid. Also some of them have like little skirts kind of. I can't decide if I like that. I think it might depend on the rest of room. What do you think?

    1. Hi Vicki,

      I would suggest that if you want to get a cover for your couch and you want it to look less cheap, then it should be a nice snug fit. If there are places where it looks saggy or baggy that may add to that undesired look you are talking about. But, I think you can make a couch cover look nicer with a little distraction. Accessorizing your sofa with a nice looking throw that matches the décor in your room (draped of over the back of your sofa), along with some throw pillows, will really help! Ruffles around the edge of throw pillows, or skirts as you called them, can look a little dated, so I would suggest no ruffles around the edges, unless that is the look you are going for. If you're looking for a more modern look, go for a solid colored sofa cover and add a few solid colored pillows in a color that compliments the color of your cover. If you're going with neutrals, then adding a little pop of color with 1 or 2 of those pillows will look really nice, as will a bold patterned pillow or two. Hope this helps! If you have any further questions, let me know! :) Good Luck!

    2. Thanks!! I'll give that a try! :)

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