The Power of Positive Thinking & Big Hugs!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey all you Ghouls and Goblins! Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! 

This post is going to be for all you people out there who may be having a rough time in their life at the moment. Perhaps you’re feeling like bad luck has been making too many appearances in your life, perhaps bad news has come your way, perhaps you’re feeling a lack of motivation or inspiration or perhaps you’re just feeling blue and aren’t quite sure why. Well, I’m here to give you a great big virtual hug and tell you better times will come your way! ;) The main thing is to just keep positive; don’t let negativity into your brain and if it tries to creep in there without you noticing, just shove it away. As soon as you notice your brain taking you in that direction, just say “NO! I will not let myself think that way… I can’t!”, and try to set your thinking on something else! It does take a lot of practice; truthfully, it won’t be easy at first. But, I know you can do it and it will get easier! I believe in you! :) Not only will great things start to happen for you, but you’ll start to feel better, happier and liberated from all that negativity. 

When I recently got some bad news I was upset about it, but many people told me, everything happens for a reason, so I thought, yes, I believe that is the purpose of this unfortunate event happening in my life, so that something better could find its way to me and I just kept that in mind and started to feel happier. I decided to take control of things and help make good things happen, not only by thinking positively, but by being proactive. I am pleased to say that ever since I made the decision to be a more positive person, I have felt happier and have a more positive outlook on what the future holds for me. I won’t lie and say that I never get down or afraid or worry or even feel a little negative but I just tell myself “NO!” and it’s easier now, but if I do get stuck in a negative mind set I give myself a certain limit of time to feel that way in which I can dwell on it as much as I want, but after that time passes, I ask myself this question “Is there anything I can do about it?” and if the answer is still no then I know that I have to let it go and stop worrying. If the answer is yes, then I do what I can. I’m not perfect, and I am a huge worrier but I do my best and feel much better thinking positively! Another thing that helps is talking it over with someone else who is also a positive thinker. Sometimes they can offer a unique take on things that you never thought of! And remember, sometimes people feel down for no apparent reason, it does happen but if it is happening frequently, even with all I have said about having a positive outlook, sometimes it’s a good idea to seek professional help and it should never be something you should feel ashamed of, ever! You should be congratulated for being the type of person to take a hold of a situation and make moves to do something about it! Good job! ;) 

So, I hope you guys all feel some motivation to adopt this positive thinking, if you haven’t already, and hearing that I have had good results will make you feel that much more hopeful that you can have that too!  You’re all wonderful people and all deserve to be happy! Keep this in mind:

Take care of yourself and definitely be good to other people! And now, I want to leave you with some inspirational words I have borrowed from some other very wise person:

Love and Huge-mungous HUGS,
~Samantha xoxo

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  1. I'm sure this will help many people out there Sam. Great words from a great person (that's you) :)

  2. Thanks and that is my hope; that someone out there will read it and it will help them feel like it's something they need to really try.


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