DIY Moustaches & Kisses Cement Magnets

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A little while back, when I did my DIY Triangle Cement Candle Holders post, I promised you all another DIY cement project, well today I've got that for you! These DIY Moustaches and Kisses Cement Magnets are so simple to make, and are great for your refrigerator or school lockers, or anywhere you need magnets! Fun, cute, easy - who wouldn't want to make 'em? I'm going to show you how, let's do it!

First, before we get to the tutorial, there are a few things you're going to need. These are shown in the video as well, but it's great to know what you're going to need ahead of time, too. Let's take a look!


1 | Cement - The cement I used is the Exterior Use Anchoring Cement from Quikrete. I bought a 10lb tub, which will allow me to do many cement projects, and it cost about $16 (CAD). Alternately, I've noticed some other DIYers using a product that's for a similar purpose (Anchoring Cement) but sets up much, much faster. That product is called Rockite and it seems to work quite well for these types of projects, and is available in smaller a amount - 5lbs I believe. I was unable to find it here in Canada, but if live in the US--or just have better luck finding it--and decide to use it, please remember that you will have to work much, much faster because it sets up very fast! VERY!

2 | Gloves - These is very, very important! I can't stress that enough! You might even want to consider wearing long sleeves. When cement begins to set up a chemical reaction happens--this is why you may notice the container or mould becoming quite warm--and if it comes in contact with your skin you can end up with severe burns. So, please - WEAR GLOVES!

3 | Measuring Cups or Containers (2) - It doesn't matter what you use to measure out your water and cement--as you'll see in the video--so long as you are able to measure in the same increments. And I recommend 2 separate measuring cups or dishes; one for wet (water) and one for dry (cement).

4 | Stirring Stick - Use anything that is sturdy enough for stirring. Even a large spoon from the dollar store will work so long as you're not planning to use it for food ever again.

5 | Mixing Container - I like to use a clear container so I can make sure my mixture is mixed well. I got some from the dollar store in the food storage area that came in a package of 3 for $1.25 - nothing fancy.

5 | Mould Shapes - I used kisses and moustache novelty ice cube trays. I bought mine on Amazon (Kisses Ice Cube Tray and Moustaches Ice Cube Tray), there are lots of different shapes to choose from online if you can't find any you like in stores.

6 | Button Magnets - I bought mine in the craft section at a dollar store for $1.25 per package. I bought one package of small size (11mm) for the moustaches and one package of medium size (14mm) for the lips. What you'll need will depend on the mould(s) you choose.

7 | Paint - You can use whatever craft paint you'd like. If you've been here on the blog before you may know how much I love Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint--and I have quite a few colours now--so that's what I used. There's no reason you have to use that brand for this project!

8 | Paint Brushes - I like to have a couple handy because that means less rinsing, but I'm sure you can get away with just one. And you'll also need a container of water for rinsing between colours.

Alright, since we've covered all the supplies you'll need to make your DIY Moustache and Kisses Cement Magnets (or whatever shape you want to go with), it's time to dive right into the video tutorial! YESSSS! Also, if you want to check out a few other cement projects, check out my Cement Projects Inspirations post. Okay, here's the video for your viewing and DIYing pleasure!

That's it, folks! Have fun making these DIY magnets and I hope to see you back here soon... I'll be here posting away!

Sam ♡


  1. These are really awesome Sam. Great Job!! Love the tutorial

    1. Thank you, thank you! I like them quite a bit! :)


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