Monthly Beauty Buys - April Favourites

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm starting this week feeling much better than I had been at the end of last week - thanks to everyone who expressed their well wishes! Luv ya!

Today I want to share my favourite products I bought for the month of April. I have 4 products to share this post instead of the usual 3, but no photos of me demoing the products this time since my cheeks were still slightly swollen. Yeh, this post is pretty late this month, but I figure it's better late than not at all since a lot of you seem to enjoy these posts. So let's take a look at my beauty favourites for April!

The first product I want to talk about is one I recently did a review video on and is a fairly newly released product - NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint. Now, obviously since it is appearing here in this post I did like it, but if you want to hear the details on how well it wears, how it feels on the skin, and so on, then check out my video review on NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint.

My next favourite beauty product for April is not a newly released beauty product, but a classic beauty product that I have not tried up until this past month - I wish I had tried it sooner. I've heard many good things about the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder over the years, but I never really thought it would make that much of a difference from my powders with a lower price tag, but it really does! I'm glad a splurged on this one! This powder leaves your skin--no matter what product you use as a base--with a beautiful finish! The HD Microfinish Powder claims to soften the appearance of fine lines and pores for a naturally, radiant complexion, reduce shine and mattify slightly, and add a soft focus effect for a flawless finish. I agree with every single claim! And I expect this will last me quite a while since you really only need duct on a very, very small amount!!

Third on my list is another product that isn't necessarily new, I think it was released just over a year ago now, but I never did try it since I heard mixed reviews from other product reviewers - I don't want to spend $30 (CAD) on a mascara that isn't that great. I'm talking about Benefit's Roller Lash Curling Mascara. I found a mini version at Sephora and was treating myself to a few higher end products--and I know that I do love Benefit's They're Real Lengthening Mascara--so I decided it was the perfect chance to give it a go, and it turns out that I actually do like this mascara! On my lashes it did provide me with enough curls and lift that I didn't need to use a lash curler at all. The only thing I find about the Benefit mascaras on myself is that I tend to have oily eyes, and because these higher end mascaras have a softer, waxier texture than some of my other favourites, I can get a small bit of transfer on my brown bone where my lashes touch throughout the day. It easily rubs off and it's not terribly noticeable, but, for myself, I just try not to wear these mascaras if I know it's going to be a warm day and I'll be spending it outdoors, or if I know I'll be working up a sweat.

And now last, but not least, on my list of beauty favourites for April is the Batiste Dry Shampoo with a Hint of Color for Dark & Deep Brown Hair. Apparently they do have one for Medium & Brunette Hair, which would probably suit me better, but I did not see it at the time of buying this one. I'm sure I will try to find it when I run out of this one (maybe before if I see it) since I like this one so much. Brown hair can tend to look "dusty" when using regular dry shampoos so I have really come to like the ones with a hint of color. The one I was using in the past, and did really like, is about twice as much as this one, so I am so glad Batiste is now making this one and that it works just as nicely. It does a really good job at soaking up those excess oils without feeling heavy and adding weight to my roots - my hair is heavy enough as it is! Another thing I really like about this dry shampoo is the scent! I have found that some of the other Batiste dry shampoos are very strongly scented, but this was is much lighter in smell and the scent is sooo pretty - I love it!

That's all for my April Favourite Beauty Buys! I hope to have my Beauty Buys for May up much quicker than I did this one, he he. I've already got a couple things that I'm enjoying this month and a few more I'm about to test, so I'm on track so far! Also, what were your favourite purchases in April? I'd love to hear from ya--maybe there's something I'd should try--so leave your comments below!

Sam ♡

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