Motivational Monday - "One Thing at a Time"

Monday, May 30, 2016

Sometimes we look at others' successes, or the things others have, and it's easy to become frustrated if we don't have them ourselves yet. It may be easy to feel like we're never going to get there and we're never going to see the rewards of our own hard work. Sometimes we may think that one person or another seemed to just sail through life to this point, and good things happened to them in their lives so quickly. This makes us want to figure out and take shortcuts to become successful faster, so we can have that seemingly amazing life and wonderful things, too. But sometimes rushing to get to what we view as "success" can lead to poor decisions, terrible mistakes, and a lot of heartache. Sometimes things that come too quickly and too easily can be short lived.

If you work hard but take your time to make good decisions and the right decisions for yourself in the long run, it might take you a little longer to get where you want to be, but you will know that you built a good foundation for your success to grow, and that can lead to something strong! Something that continues to be successful long into the future. Put it this way - do you want a sweet but stale doughnut right this minute? It's right there in front of you now, and it does taste pretty good but might make you feel icky later. Or do you want to wait a little bit longer to have a nice fresh doughnut that is equally as sweet and way more delicious? You'll have to head out to get it so it's more work and you'll need it takes a little longer before you can eat it, but when you do you should still feel great even later! So don't feel like a failure if it seems to be taking you a while to get to where you want to be, to reach your goals! If you feel like it's something you can achieve, then you will if you keep working toward it and are taking the proper steps one at a time!

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