Motivational Monday - "Something Wonderful" Printable

Monday, April 4, 2016

You may have noticed throughout your life that quite often when things just aren't going right - life is getting you down - and you're focusing on it all, more unfortunate things seem to find you. It can be hard to break free of the negativity once it's got its grip on you, but if you can try your best to think more optimistically and focus on the positives - no matter how tiny in comparison to the negatives - you can turn things around for yourself. Gradually, it will happen!

Keep your mind in a positive place, as much as possible, and "always believe that something wonderful is about to happen". That is the quote on today's FREE printable which you can download here. If you're new to my Motivational Mondays posts, let me fill you in:

Most Mondays I design an art print for my followers to download for FREE, and then print at home, or have printed at a print place, that they can then frame and hang to add positive decor to their personal spaces - that's it! Enjoy!

Sam ♡

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