My Beauty Buys - March Edition

Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's been so long since I've done a Beauty Buys post--just about a year--so it's nice to be sharing these most recent beauty purchases with you all! To be honest, some months it's easy for me to bring these posts to you guys, but then other months when I don't purchase any beauty products (😮), or nothing that I really like, there isn't really a point to doing a Beauty Buys post. I'm going to try to keep up with these monthly posts again--even if I only have one product to share with you guys--because I really do like doing them and you guys seem to have liked them in the past, too! So here we go, these are the 3 beauty goodies I am sharing with you all from my March purchases..

Now, I'm working my way backward in terms of the order you'd put these on your face because I love, love, love this MegaLast Lip Color from Wet n Wild in the colour 918D Cherry Bomb. It really is very long lasting, and though it is a matte lipstick (semi-matte), it really doesn't end up leaving my lips feeling too dry after an hour like other matte lipsticks tend to. It feels comfortable for it's entire wear! It has really rich pigment and is very opaque, and you can even layer it for that darkest dark look! I've even seen other reviewers saying it compares to MAC lipsticks only it's less drying. Plus you cannot beat that price at $3 CAD, and Wet n Wild cosmetics are cruelty free! I will be trying other shades because I freaking love it!

Next up is another Wet n Wild product - Color Icon Blush (new formula) in 326B Rosé Champagne. I have never tried their original formula but have seen many beauty bloggers reviewing and raving about Wet n Wild's new packaging and new formulas, so I've been really anxious to get my hands on some of their products, thus having 2 items out of 3 in this post be Wet n Wild... it was almost 3 because I couldn't decide between the Wet n Wild contour kit and the one I ended up buying at the time. Anyhow, I am really loving this blush as well! I have always tended to stay away from blushes with any shimmer in them because I didn't like the idea of looking like a sparkly vampire in the sunlight, but I'm really digging this blush even though it does have a bit of shimmer. It seems to just add to that beautiful dewy, healthy glow look that everyone is looking achieve. And this shade is also different for me in that I love a more noticeable pinky blush, but this more subtle one has been great , and is the perfect shade and subtlety to pair with a dark lip like the one mentioned above! Love!

The final beauty buy I want to share with you is the Infallible Pro-Contour Contour & Highlighting Palette from L'Oréal (what a mouthful) in 813 Light. I'm only half loving this product and am a little upset about that since I was debating purchasing a similar Wet N Wild product that had more than twice as much product for less than half the price! What made me go with the this L'Oréal Contour?Highlighting Palette instead? Well, the contour powder appeared ever so slightly on the cooler side and that was what I was looking for - I hate that orangey look that a lot of contour products give. No thanks! And no offence to those of you who do like it, if you feel beautiful - wear it!! I am really liking the contour powder part of this product, so that worked out, but I am not so much liking the highlighting powder. It's a very warm, somewhat golden colour, where I definitely prefer a more white (cooler) highlight on myself. Perhaps if my skin was less pale, this would be nice? So, I wish I hadn't paid $15 for such that little amount of product that I actually like in this palette, but I am loving the contour side, so I'll get over it! So far I've found that it wears really nicely and blends pretty naturally, so yay!

So those were My Beauty Buys for March. Did any of you get any awesome products in March? Let's chat abut them in the comments! Have you tried any of these products I've mentioned? Tell me what your opinion is on them in the comments! I love hearing from you!



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