DIY Gold Letter Ring & Jewelry Dish - Aerie Inspired

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I find inspiration for my DIY projects from many places! One of the best kind of inspirations are items that I see in stores that I love and know others will love, too, especially since I can usually show people how to make them for less than buying them. This particular DIY Ring Dish (or jewelry dish) is inspired by one that I loved when I saw it at Aerie--America Eagle's sister company--and instantly knew I could show you all how to make. Let's do it!

If you already have some, or all, of the supplies needed at home, then this is going to cost you very little to make. If you do need to buy all of the supplies then it will cost you about as much as buying one from a store, but if you make more than one--for yourself or friends--then it is definitely worth it, and they just happen to make really amazing gifts! You can make each one exactly the same as what I'm showing you, or you can get really creative with other phrases, colors, and even patterns! Let's look at what you'll need to make DIY ring dishes before the video tutorial, and don't forget to check out the additional tips and tricks below that video.

- Glass Dish (appetizer plates are a great size)
- Adhesive Stencil Sheet (and/or painters tape)
- Gold Leaf Sheets
- Bakeable Acrylic Craft Paint (I love Martha Stewart brand)
- 1 Sponge Paint Brush
- 2 Soft Bristle Paint Brushes
- Xacto Knife (craft knife)
- Scissors
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Cotton Balls or Cosmetics Pads
- Hairdryer

- You can substitute gold leaf foil for gold leaf paint or gold metallic paint if you'd rather, but the gold leaf sheets will give you a much nicer look.

- If you'd rather use painters tape (or can't find adhesive stencil roll) for your letters or design, you can. Just tape off the entire section where your letters will go, draw your letters on the tape--remember you'll need to draw your phrase on backward--and then cut and peel away the tape around your letters using your craft knife. Frog Tape is a great option, but regular painters tape will do.

- Make sure not to apply your Mod Podge too heavily or your gold leaf letters may appear more yellow then desired once dried. That's why I point out to "Apply Mod Podge Sparingly" in the video.

I think that's it for this one, folks! Have fun and, as always, be creative!

Sam ♡

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