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Monday, April 18, 2016

This Motivational Monday I decided to keep it simple and sweet! Sometimes life comes with big decisions that can be hard to make, and if you don't know what else to do, at times it is easiest and wisest to follow you heart!

Enjoy this week's FREE art print, guys, you can find that download here! I think I may print this one out for myself, even! If this is your first time coming across my Motivational Monday posts, it's really quite simple: most Mondays I design an art print for my followers -- which I make available to download here on the blog for FREE -- and they can then print it out at home or at a print place, and then frame and hang them in their own personal spaces!

A little news in relation to these printables: I hope to have a design shop up and running soon enough -- I'm currently working on the website design -- where I will have other printables available for purchase, along with some Blogger templates (eventually wordpress as well), graphics packages, fonts, and eventually some of my greeting cards! I can't wait! It's a big project so I'm not sure exactly when I'll have it all up and running, but I am working on it! I will definitely do a blog post about it once it's ready, and there will be a link to that site here on the blog, once it is up!

Have a great Monday!
Sam ♡

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