Monthly Beauty Buys From February

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hi, Beauties! I’m back again with another Monthly Beauty Buys installment! Just so you guys know, my Beauty Buys will always look like they’re a month behind but really aren’t because I wait until the end of the month, then pick 3 things I purchased and I liked the most, so when I post about them it’s already the next month. That may be obvious, but I just thought it worth mentioning. :) So, for February, I’ve got an eye shadow stick by Flower Beauty, another nail polish, again, by Flower Beauty, and a face moisturizer by Korres to talk about. Let’s take a look!

As I mentioned last month, I am really loving this new beauty line called Flower Beauty! It’s by Drew Barrymore and she’s involved in every part of it from its formulas to even quick video tutorials. I also mentioned that I may do a post dedicated to this line in the future since I’m loving it so much, and love her passion for providing women with quality products that are affordable. Just take a look at the color of this Eye Shadow Chubby stick. The texture is so smooth and velvety and this color, Dark Side Of The Blue, is quite pretty on days I want to add a nice pop of color. It’s really easy to apply directly from the stick to my eyes and then use my finger to blend it out. If I notice any creasing, I just use a very light sweep of some translucent powder and if I want the color to remain vibrant all day, I set it with a slight sweeping of an eye shadow in a similar color; together they work harder to keep eye shadow looking amazing all day long! Awesome!

You all may have noticed my obsession with nail polish – I have way too many, yet, somehow, still not enough! :) So, here is one I recently added to my large collection, it’s called Evening Primrose and, again, is by Flower Beauty (I love this brand!) I love that it is the perfect shade of dark green; not to Christmasy, and the shimmer, which I don’t often wear, somehow looks so nice in this color! I was originally looking for a dark green without shimmer, but instant fell in love with this. So what I could I do but buy it? This is definitely a color for short nails, though. I find the dark colors tend to look better on short nails. But that’s just my preference and opinion.

FIRST - no, this cream does not go on your hand, it goes on your FACE. Okay, so, I went out looking for a new moisturizer that would have a little more active ingredients for anti-aging. I know some of you may be thing “Why? You’re not that old!”. While that may be true, preventative anti-aging care is the most effective method in reducing signs of aging and I am older than some of you may think I look. I feel I’m at that age where it’s time to start adding in some of these active anti-aging ingredients, rather than just relying on a good moisturizer and/or hydrator. I found this in between product from Korres, because while I’m looking for anti-aging, a lot of the products out there for this purpose are too strong for skin of my age or needs. It is called Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream. It’s main anti-aging ingredient is wild rose oil, which is a natural form of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great anti-aging ingredient for any age, and especially as a main ingredient for younger skin that may just be starting to show very fine lines and loss of brightness or skin discoloration, and therefore needs a little help. I also love that this product has 85.1% natural ingredients and that all Korres products contain between 80% – 99.80% natural ingredients. I’ve noticed this moisturizer has made my complexion look brighter over the last month and seems to help any blemishes heal quite quickly, as well as seems to reduce the redness of those blemishes. For my dehydrated skin, I still feel like I need a little more hydration with this, but that’s solved with a hydrating serum applied at night before applying this moisturizer… at least during the winter… we’ll see. If any of you are wondering; yes, there is a difference between a moisturizer and a hydrator and a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin… but that topic should be addressed in a separate post. ;)

So, that’s it for this month’s Beauty Buys. This was a long one, and I could go on and on about Flower Beauty or Korres products but you could just look them up if either brand interests you. ;)

Sam ♡

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    1. I've done the Liebster Award post in the past...December of 2013 and then again a couple months later. ;) At the very least I will update my old post and add your blog to it and answer your questions. Then I'll try and get some traffic there. Thanks for the nomination! ;) Glad you like my blog!

      Sam ♡

  2. thanks for the post. Nice findings.

    1. :) I've been liking them! Thanks for commenting, Karen!


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