Hand Lettering Series - Part 3 - Lower Case 1 of 2

Saturday, September 22, 2018

It's been a while since I've posted here on the blog, sadly! But it's for goo reason; I've been working really hard on my art and growing that part of my career, and working on getting the rest of the videos in my Hand Lettering Series ready for you guys! In this post I will start showing you Lower Case Brush Lettering starting with the half of the alphabet that has Ascenders and Descenders. Confused? Well, watch the video to learn all about it...

If you've just found this blog through this post and are looking for the rest of the tutorials in this series, you can find Hand Lettering Part 1 - Basic Strokes here, and Hand Lettering Part 2 - Terminology & Basic Caps here. In addition to those two posts, I also have a Faux Calligraphy tutorial as well, which is where I recommend you start if you are new to hand lettering. It'll help you familiarize yourself with the idea of thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes, which is the biggest thing to remember in hand lettering!

If you're here from YouTube and you're looking for the Printable Worksheets, you can find those below the video frame here on this page. Now, for anyone who's here for the tutorial, let's get into that video, and read below to find recommended tools and materials for your hand lettering journey!


Click the link provided below to get the first part of the lower case lettering worksheets. When downloading the worksheets you will be brought to a screen that has a list of all the files (worksheets) in the folder - just click the download icon (looks like an arrow pointing down to a horizontal line) in the upper right corner of the screen. If you get an error that reads "Whoops! There was a problem with the preview." you'll still see a download icon directly below that message, click on that! I believe you will also have the option to print the sheet directly from that screen (printer icon to left of download icon) if you'd rather not download it at all and just print it.

WORKSHEETS for Lower Case Alphabet - Ascender & Descender Letters

If you have an issues downloading or printing the worksheets, let me know by leaving a comment on this post. I'll fix it as quickly as I can!



Some of these tools in this list I use in this video, some I may use in future videos in this series, and some I recommend as additional options you may like for practicing your lettering, but all are tools that I do like, and are great for beginners and as you get better and better as well. You definitely don't have to buy all of them and I've listed similar tools of different brands and prices for you to decide what you feel you'd like best. You will need at least one type of brush pen, one type of paper, and if you use water brushes rather than markers, you'll need to choose between inks or watercolours for your pigment. Obviously you can try as many tools as you like to find what you prefer; you may like something different than I do.
Derwent Water Brush - Small {CAN link} |  Derwent Water Brush - Small {US link} (my preferred size)*
Pentel Water Brushes - 3 Pack {CAN link} |  Pentel Water Brushes - 3 Pack {US link} - 3 Pack
Crayola Washable Watercolour Set - 24 Colours {CAN link} (super, super inexpensive option for practicing) | US readers try your local Walmart, Amazon doesn't have this exact set but does have others 

Rhodia Dot Pad No.19 {CAN link} |  Rhodia Dot Pad No.19 {US link} - *
Rhodia Graph Pad No.19 {CAN link} |  Rhodia Graph Pad No.19 {US link}
Cambridge Graph Pad {CAN link} |  Cambridge Graph Pad {US link}

* = Shown in the video.

That's it for the post and the first half of Part 3 of this Hand Lettering Series. Keep an eye out for the second half, the rest of the lower case letters, coming real shortly here on the blog!

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Art Series #17 - "Éffluerer" Oil Painting - My Compositions

Friday, July 13, 2018

In this Art Series post I have another one of my oil painting time-lapses for you! This piece is my favourite I've completed to date and in the time-lapse of it's creation I share about how I named it and the feeling/meaning behind it. I also talk about how I create my original compositions, and also about developing my art style and how I feel about having an art style.

As I mentioned above, this is my favourite piece of mine, and there are several things I like about it; the vibrancy of her silky blue top and pink lips, the illusion of the shine in her hair, the different colours in the shadows of the flowers, the delicacy and intimacy in the overall feel of the painting, but my absolute favourite part of this painting is a very subtle part and not one that stands out at first glance--or maybe it does to some like me--and that is the subtle blue glow, or silver lining, down her shoulder and back on the left side of the painting. This was the last thing I added to the painting, and when I did, it made the whole thing come to life, with one stroke! Am I allowed to swoon this much about my own painting?? Of course, as the creator, there are many things I would do better, at least in my mind, but I'm happy there are so many things I love about it. It can be hard to love your own artwork! I wonder how I'll feel about it in a few years after much more practice.

Thanks for watching the time-lapse of this oil painting that I am so proud of! I hope you enjoy this piece and the feelings I described in the video, the ones I want to evoke through this piece, are what you feel when you look at it! If you want to check out more of my work you can look at more of my Art Series Posts here, and I'll be back for another new Art Series post soon!

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DIY Farmhouse "X" Bench With Breadboard Style Top

Saturday, June 30, 2018

When I set out to design this bench I wanted to build something that would obviously fit in our modern farmhouse style decor, that would fit under our picture window in our livingroom for our dog to lounge on--she loves to watch the people and animals outside--and would have a bit of storage incorporated into it. I found many other benches that inspired me, check out my 12 Farmhouse Bench Inspirations post to see those, and I took bits and pieces of those designs to come up with my own. In the end, the storage that I would have been able to implement into the design wouldn't have been worth it with the way I wanted my bench to look, so I nixed that part, and this is the bench design I came up with...

A Day In The Life Blogger & Artist - Plus A GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I don't often do vlog style videos, but I was recently inspired by some other YouTubers to share a little more of myself on my channel. I shared a few things here and there, but have felt like perhaps there isn't a lot of place for personal stuff on my blog and youtube channel. I mean, I assume people come for the DIYs... which is probably mostly true, but for my regular subscribers, perhaps they'd like to feel more of a connection with me personally, and feel like they know me a bit better as a person, not just a DIYer. Perhaps my youtube family would grow to have more lovely people if I share more of me. It can be hard to put yourself out there... but today I'm starting out simple and inviting you to follow me along for a day in my life. If you'd like to see what I get up to in terms of my work day, keep reading... and perhaps I'll do more posts like this in the future... even if I think my life isn't exciting (is boring)...

Art Series #16 - Hand Study in Oils & My Art Story

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Spring has finally arrived here and I'm very excited, for warm weather of course, but, also, because it means beautiful flowers and hopefully lots of practice painting them! Today, though, I am sharing the last of the small oil studies I did in January, "Hand Study", 5 x 7", Oil on Canvas Board. I shared the final painting over on Facebook and Instagram back when I finished it--follow be on social media to get those first looks at my finished pieces--but, in this post you'll get a closer look at it and the detail and colour of it! I am very pleased with how it turned out! I'll also share the time lapse of it's creation and my art story, so continue on for all that...

I really wish that everyone could see it in person because I feel in photos the texture of the canvas gets in the way of the actual painting. From now on I think I'll add a couple of coats of gesso to my canvases before painting on them to get a smoother surface. I got a few GessoBoard panels for Christmas and I can't wait to paint on those. I think for practice paintings I'm going to get some MDF board and prepare some of those to paint on. It's basically the same idea as GessoBoard, but not quite as lovely. What's your preferred painting surface?

That's it for this Art Series post, friends! Check out some of my other Art Series posts here! See you soon!

Sam ♡