REVIEW - Arteza Gouache & Paper + Timelapse

Friday, March 27, 2020

I don't normally venture outside of my usual art supplies too much -- maybe here and there -- mainly because I really like the supplies I currently use, and because art supplies can be expensive, so if I like what I've got going on, why not just keep going with it. But, I have been wanting to do more work with gouache for a while (haven't used it since college), and, conveniently, Arteza reached out to me to see if I'd like to try some of their art supplies a few weeks ago. I've seen a lot of fellow artists out there giving them a go, so I thought I would too. So, in this post, you can watch me make a little gouache painting and review some of the products I was sent. Take a look...

In the below video, as the title suggests, I am reviewing Arteza's 60 Piece Gouache Set, Arteza 12 Piece Metallic Gouache Set, and Arteza Expert Watercolour Paper. I completed 3 small paintings using both the gouache and the paper, and I've done some extensive testing on the paper aside from those paintings. So check out the video to see what my thoughts are on these art supplies.

*Links provide are not affiliate links, meaning I don't make any money from your purchases. I've provided them in case you'd like to try any of the products I mention in the video - simple.


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