Brighter Teeth? Yes, Please! Review & GIVEAWAY

Friday, May 12, 2017

Now, folks, I know, I know  my teeth were already fairly white to begin with, but I managed to get them looking even better with a product that was more effective at whitening in between my teeth and making my teeth appear overall brighter! All the details along with my review and a teeth whitening GIVEAWAY are after the break...

When Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying and, potentially, reviewing their product I was very intrigued after looking into that product because these kits allow you to make your own teeth whitening tray impressions right at home, and then mail them back to have your custom whitening trays sent to you in the mail! Do you know how much money that saves you??? Dentist visits are what cost the most when it comes to professional teeth whitening systems like this... and they are eliminating that from the equation! PLUS it's all done in an actual dental lab!!!

So now you know what I think about the idea of this type of system, but how did I feel about using the product? Watch my video review below to hear that and some more about the product and process, and don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY (valued at $139 USD) if you'd like the chance to try one of these kits yourself for free! Also, I have a 10% DISCOUNT CODE if you'd like to go ahead and purchase a teeth whitening kit on your own: code is thecreativeglow . I've left some other helpful links at the bottom of the post! Now let's get to that video!

So, friends, this was my first sponsored video and I hope you all don't mind. I hope anyone who is a regular follower of mine--here on the blog or on my channel (hopefully both)--can tell that I am not the type of person to say I like something just because it will make me money. I don't want to do that to my followers and, honestly, I just wouldn't feel good about myself if I did. If I bring a product to you in a sponsored video it will be because I tried the product and I did in fact like it. You all work hard for your money so I wouldn't want to influence you to purchase a product that I can't stand behind myself. That being said, it's also a know fact that not every product works the same for everyone, so sometimes I won't like something that others will, and at times I will like something that others won't. But if I try a product and don't like it, I'll decline to make a sponsored video - simple as that!

Now, here are some other helpful links:

Purchase your kit here - Use DISCOUNT CODE thecreativeglow

*some of the above links are affiliate links

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