10 Rustic Coffee Table Inspirations

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I've been planning so many DIY furniture projects for our house since before we moved in and I am finally getting into them! I'm very excited to start building! I'm starting with a coffee table so today I've compiled 10 Rustic Coffee Table Inspirations that I love and have helped influence my own design for what we want in our own coffee table (DIY Chevron Coffee Table Tutorial here), take a look...

My initial thought was that I wanted to make one of these rustic "x" style coffee tables, and, though I still really like them, my idea has evolved a little bit more to make it my own design...

...which brings me to these amazing herringbone and chevron pattern wood coffee tables. These tops are just beautiful and add a little more more character to the piece. So, I know what you're thinking... because it was my thought, too, why not combine the "x" style coffee table with the chevron or herringbone top? Yep, I was going to do that, but in our house we are lacking on drawers in our kitchen which means no place to put random items (a.k.a. a junk drawer), and a lot of the time these items get dropped on the countertop or just anywhere that is meant to be temporary... they stay there longer than I'd like!! So we need drawers in my design.

These couple have a slatted shelf for added storage as well. I'm just not sure if the slatted shelf will compete with the chevron tabletop, or even look too busy combined with the chevron style and drawers; too much going on?

These are a few more coffee tables with drawers that I like. I think I do prefer the drawers at the top rather than the bottom, but we'll see!

I've begun my design, on paper at this point, so it's not quite a solid plan yet. Once I get it all sorted and a final design down I will make a downloadable version for anyone who would like to re-create my design on their own, and I'll have a DIY coffee table video tutorial to go along with it! Of course!
Hope you enjoyed this DIY Coffee Table Inspirations post! I'll be back with another post soon!

Sam ♡

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