8 Rustic & Farmhouse Kitchen Table Inspirations

Friday, November 4, 2016

I recently finished my kitchen table to match the modern farmhouse look I'm going for here in our house. I still have a few things to finish up in the dining room area before I can show you all the reveal--hopefully I can get it finished up this weekend--and also how I went about finishing it, and the products I used to do so. But today I wanted to show you guys some of the tables that I found online that I love, and talk about these inspirations just a little bit. Perhaps my Farmhouse Kitchen Table Inspirations will inspire you as well! Let's take a look!

My own creativity is stimulated visually, so it always helps to look online, on TV, or in magazines to get those creative juices flowing up there in my head. When it comes to home decor I used to love lots of vibrant colour, and I still do love vibrant colour--how can you be an artist and not love colour, it's so exciting--however these days, and especially since we bought our own house, I find myself wanting to implement those colours in much more subtle ways. I like lots of white and grey, maybe just a touch of beige (neutrals, basically) for walls, large furniture, and a majority of decorative items, but then I like the addition of pops of colour in pillows, accent chairs, wall art, curtains, etc. I just love how the neutrals, done right, make a room feel so soft and calm! 

On Pinterest, which is a great place to look for inspiration, I always find myself loving the Modern Farmhouse look; lots of white with touches of wood to warm up the spaces, and some industrial style accents, too. (Check out my Barn Board Farmhouse/Industrial Shelves post if you're looking for another project of this decor style) So, I guess that's why all these farmhouse style tables appeal to me; a lot of them have white with a warm stained wood which contrasts so beautifully!

The table below is actually the same table in both photos taken by different people. This one is quite rustic, my own isn't so much. I'm trying to have a balance between modern and rustic so I kept the paint nice and clean, and didn't do any distressing techniques to the wood top. I so love the fully rustic look, but don't want a whole lot of it in our house; like I said, modern farmhouse style.


And don't think that farmhouse style tables have to be rectangular. A lot of them do tend to be I think just because a lot of these tables are (and were) made from old wood and minimal tools. You can take an old oval or round table and apply the same sort of techniques to re-finish it for the same kind of farmhouse style - just choose a shape that works best in your space! Click here to check out this round/ellipse shaped (with added leafs) kitchen table that my mom and I re-finished! Such and improvement - WOW! 

So that's it for my Farmhouse Kitchen Table Inspirations! If you want more you can head over to Pinterest, there is LOTS to look at there! I can't wait to show you my own Modern Farmhouse Style Table! Hope you all enjoyed this post - stay tuned for that dining room table reveal!

Sam ♡

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