DIY Rustic Wood Drawer Box Centerpiece

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Things are beginning to come together in our house--I still can't believe we have our own home--and it's been fun for me. I've decided to tackle projects space by space--upstairs first--leaving the bedrooms for later. So my first area, since it is an open concept layout, is the dining/kitchen/living room. I've got all the walls painted and am just finishing up the decor in the dining space. So today I'm showing you how to make this great Rustic Wood Drawer Centrepiece that I made for our dining table. Let's take a look...

As you can see I'm going for a very neutral/white calming look, and this centrepiece will be an area where I can choose to add a pop of colour for each season and holiday. In these photos it is styled for winter, but I'm just about to add more to it for Christmas - it's awesome!

This tutorial is so easy and takes no time at all to make! That's one of the great parts of bringing it to you guys; it's something anyone can do and not have to put a lot of time into, but it looks fantastic, too! In the video I mention explaining my cut plan for my board here on the blog, so you can find that below. It's not a big deal, very easy a straight forward, but some people might want to see how I planned it for the easiest handling. Anyway, take a look below for that and then on to the tutorial!

-First thing I measured and cut was 22.5" from the end of my board and that was really just to get my board down to 2 smaller pieces so they would be easier to work with. You can just measure and then cut each piece one by one if you'd rather not have that extra cut--most people want the least amount of cuts--but it just made sense to me.

-Once I had my two smaller pieces, I just made sure to measure and cut them, dividing each piece into smaller pieces based on my measurements in the diagram, one section at a time. It may seem tedious to go back and forth, back and forth from measuring to cutting rather than measuring everything and then cutting everything, but if you do that you aren't accounting for the width of the blade being removed with each cut; you're pieces won't fit properly because they won't be the right dimensions.


- 1 Wood SPF (spruce-pine-fir) Board 1" x 4' x 8"
- 1/2" Smooth Finishing Nails
- Wood Filler
- Dark Wood Stain (I used MinWax Espresso)
- White Paint (latex, acrylic, chalk - any white paint)
- 2 Drawer Handles
- Rags
- Rubber Gloves
- Pencil
- Sandpaper
- Drill
- Chop Saw and/or Table Saw (or get it cut at hardware store)
- Hammer
- Any decorative items you want to use

As always, I hope you enjoyed this DIY Rustic Drawer Centrepiece project! Now I think I'm ready to start the lengthy process of painting my kitchen cabinets this weekend, but I know it is going to be worth it! And of course, crazy me, I will enjoy it! I'll outline that process here on the blog once it's all wrapped up, and probably after the Holidays because I've gotta get started on some festive tutorials for you all! Next post I will reveal my Farmhouse Kitchen Table, see you soon!

Sam ♡

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