June & July Favs - Monthly Beauty Buys & House Update

Monday, August 8, 2016

This post will focus on my favourites from the past two months--June & July--but I just first want to give you guys a little update on the house situation. If you're not interested then obviously you can skip ahead, but I know lots of you are probably wondering how things are going since my previous post where I told you We Lost Our House. So let's talk about that first...

Victor and I have been looking pretty well non-stop for another house buying opportunity that meets what we'd like to have in a house. A few days ago we did find something that we ended up loving and made an offer. Our offer ended up being the highest of 3, but the seller went with another offer because they had no conditions, which means they had to have made a cash deal... who has that much cash?!?! You cannot compete with a cash deal; you have no chance! Anyway, that was another blow to us because we were on top of the situation the moment it was posted, the were the second appointment to view the place the day after it was listed, had the highest offer, and we absolutely loved it--more than the last place even--and we still didn't get it!!! :-( It's been a tough go in this house search - ouch! But, we're gonna find it, we will! Once things are all sorted with the house stuff and the search is finally over, things will begin to get back to normal around here and on my YouTube channel! So, that's the update on that, now let's get to My Favourites for June & July!


The first product I want to talk about for my June favs is this NYX High Definition Blush in Double Dare (HDB10). Yes - it's orange! But I find it really looks quite lovely on when paired with the right eye and lip. It's a very warm (obviously), summery colour that just gives a great glow, but you have to apply it very gradually with a very light hand or you'll end up with too much orange; these blushes and very, very pigmented and they really have staying power! There are two other bold colours that I'd like to try--a bright red and bright raspberry pink (not sure of names)--but they also sell more toned down "regular" colours that I'm sure would be great, too.

This is a fun one, it's by NYX (again) and it's called the Slide On, Glide On, Stay On & Definitely A Turn On Waterproof, Extreme Color Lip Liner in Nude Suede Shoes (SLLP14). That's quite a name...and I didn't even write the second part of the name that said "(This Lip Liner Is So Good, The Name Had To Be That Long!)"- crazy! I'm thinking this may be a discontinued product--there were lots in many colours at the drug store--but I couldn't find it on the NYX website, although it really is a great, waterproof lip liner; stays on so well, so I hope there is enough made to re-stock it for a bit...?...maybe? Dunno. But, if you're looking for a great long lasting lip liner, try this one if you can find it! I did find it on amazon (link above). I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian) but if you're in the U.S. maybe just check wherever NYX is sold. This one is a pretty sweet colour, too! I decided to give the more nude lip a try--that's why I got this--and I really like it!

The final product on my favourites list for June is also a NYX product...they have a new NYX display at the drugstore near my house so I got a few items since I hadn't tried NYX before - thanks for making my June, NYX! Anyhow, the reason I bought the liner above was to go with this lip colour, it's NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Chocolate Crepe (IBLG06). The lip liner turned out to be a little lighter than the gloss, but still, I love this gloss! It smells so freakin' good and feels nice on the lips - creamy and not too sticky, and the colour is pretty awesome! If you're in to matte lipsticks instead but like this colour, it looks pretty close to the NYX suede lipstick in soft-spoken, which I, myself, have my eye on!! You can find a pack of 3 colours, including Chocolate Crepe, here


Facial oils have become pretty popular in skincare, and this Argan Wear 2-in-1 Primer with Argan Oil and Coconut Water from Physicians Formula is a play on those facial oils. I really like this argan oil primer because it isn't too oily or heavy on my skin so it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy! It combines the benefits of organ oil--claims to improve brightness, texture, elasticity--with the benefits of pure coconut water--claims to rebalance and rehydrate skin--and, being a primer, it helps to improve the wear and look of the makeup you apply to your face. At this point I can't speak to the long term benefits of the organ oil and coconut water, but when I applied it, it felt really nice on my skin, after testing it a few times, I did notice that my makeup did look fresher than usual at the end of those days. I also like the easy application of the spray pump - it has a nice fine mist that feels refreshing!

This product is definitely a huge obsession of mine; I love, love, looove these MegaLast Lipcolors from Wet N Wild!! This is my newest colour - MegaLast Lip Color in Mauve Outta Here! This lipstick is super long lasting--wears pretty well even when eating--and, even though they are a fairly matte lipstick, they are so comfortable! I don't think I've ever worn a more comfortable matte lipstick! I featured this lipstick, in a couple other colours, in other Monthly Beauty Buys posts (Monthly Favourites) in the past, so if it seems familiar, that's why! I just freakin' loooovvvee it! And also, since I bought this one I may or may not have purchased 6 other colours... at $2.88 from Walmart (that's CAD), and very comparable look and colours to MAC matte lipsticks, they just can't be beat!

It's been a while since I posted any nail polish favourites in these posts. Nail polishes seemed to dominate my beauty purchases for quite a while--ummm, because I love nail polish so much--but I've pulled back a bit. I did come across this Essie colour, Lilacism, on instagram that I really like so I got it! Sometimes you purchase a colour and it really doesn't look the way you hope, but this one is great! It's a nice pale lilac colour that's great for summer and spring!

That's it for my June & July Favourites, friends! Hope you enjoyed! Can't wait for things to start getting back to normal around here and have lots and lots of posts for you all! I'll get ya updated! Love ya!

Sam ♡

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