"We Lost Our House" UPDATE: House Search

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today I wanted to give you all another update to our house situation. Most of what I want to share with you all at this point is in the video, though, but I still just wanted to say a quick couple words to go along with this post. I do have a larger following over on YouTube--at this point--so I get a lot more comments from my lovely subscribers over there--even though I do more posting over here on the blog--but I never want to leave any of you out, so I always do a post, too, to go along with any video I upload! Listen.. listen, friends: it's best to just follow me all over so you don't miss anything... sometimes I leave little notes on Facebook or Instagram that won't be seen here... and I just started SnapChat, so perhaps quick updates will start being easier from there rather than an entire YouTube video or blog post about a small update...

Anyhow, for any of you who have been keeping up with this story; We Lost Our House post and House Update (And Monthly Favourites) post, the following video will update you a bit more on our house situation. There are LOTS of things I forgot to mention in the video--LOL--although I did want to keep it shorter, but hopefully in another video--I do have some related ones planned, along with a house buying tips video--I will be able to include more detail. So, let's get to the video update and then below I will discuss a few other things I wanted to mention. Mmm'kay...go...

Alright, so, as you may have noticed, things have been a little slow 'round here and on my channel; again, more details will follow, but they are mostly house related. I am currently working on getting a new tutorial recorded and uploaded, so that is coming within the next couple weeks. I also have lots of video ideas and have even purchased some supplies, so I am ready in that aspect. Please continue to bare with me for the next little while; things will definitely get back to normal...hopefully even better, I am confident in that! 

Love ya, thanks for being here, hope you're as excited as I am for the future of The Creative Glow!


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