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Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm featured in this week's issue of Woman's World Magazine!! Yep, it's true! You may have already gotten the down-low on this exciting news if you follow me over on Facebook -- that's where all my exciting news and project sneak peeks happen first -- and, if not, go and like The Creative Glow over on Facebook!

This all came about from an email from on of the editors, back before Christmas, letting me know that they were interesting in featuring my Blooming Flower Mirror made with plastic spoons in an issue of their magazine. After I asked a few questions and then answered a few questions I agreed to it, and now here it is! Yay! I'm pretty excited about it! And they're going to be featuring another one of my projects, Hot Glue Decorated Mirrors, in their April 4th issue, as well!!

Anyway, I finally got my issue (and about 5 others, just in case) last night ,just as they put it on the shelf, and I wanted to share this news over here on the blog, now that I have the magazine in hand, and make a little YouTube video announcement, too.  So here it is... there's also a silly bit in the video that will probably leave you thinking, WTF!? Ha ha!

Well, that's all, I just wanted to share my exciting news here for all my lovely blog followers - I LOVE YA! Have an awesome day, and here's to more exciting news for The Creative Glow in the future!


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