Art Series - Post #12 - "Snowy Sunset" Oil Painting

Thursday, February 4, 2016

In this instalment of my Art Series, I'm showing you a painting I did of a beautiful winter scene in oil on canvas board, as a gift for my grandfather. I've decided to call it "Snowy Sunset".

I just love the dramatic sunset and the complimenting orange and blues! I'm pretty pleased with how most of it turned out, but, I will admit, there are some areas I feel could be improved. If you've been following the blog this last year, then you know that working in oils is fairly new to me. I've shared one other test oil painting here when I first got my oils for my birthday this past March. Most of my paintings have been in watercolour and I've dabbled in acrylic here and there.

In art school I chose to take figure drawing classes - because I enjoyed it so much - over painting classes, so I never even got a chance to touch oils back then. I immediately took to watercolour painting in school, which I did get to study, because the techniques came easily to me, and I fell in love. Now I feel like that is happening all over again when it comes to oils, and that makes me quite happy! Yeah, there are times when I get frustrated because you have to think much differently then when working with watercolors, or even acrylics, but it's all part of the learning process. I also have a hard time to accept that not every piece of art I do will be a winner. Not even the Old Masters (or even todays' Masters) created masterpieces every time! Now, here's the lime-lapse of 75 images in succession, taken from the beginning of the painting to the final framed piece.

Hope you enjoyed! Questions or comments can be left in the comment section below. Love ya!


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