Big Voluminous Curls Hair Tutorial

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I had a request for me to do a tutorial on how I get my curls. After some polling over on Facebook it seemed like it would be a good idea, so today I bring you my Big Voluminous Curls Hair Tutorial! In this post you'll find my very detailed video tutorial on how I create these big curls, because there's nothing worse than not having enough info to do something, in my opinion! Furthermore, if people have time to watch an 8 minute video on how to style a messy bun, then the time it takes to watch this more involved hairstyle and techniques tutorial should also be worth it! Beautiful hair takes time, my friends! (Calm down, Samantha! And breathe...) You'll also find some additional tips and tricks that I didn't talk about in the video. So keep reading if you want to get these big curls in your own hair, or you're just curious how I do it!

First of all, I am not wearing hair extensions in my hair for this look. I just have a lot of hair. I've never gone to a hair stylist without them making a comment on the amount of hair on my head - it's a lot. I don't mind that they do, it makes me feel like have something that people consider beautiful and desirable, even though I don't always feel that way because it takes longer to do anything hair related. If you have finer hair and/or thinner hair than I do, feel free to add hair extensions to be able to achieve the volume aspect. You'll still be able to mimic the size and shape of the curls either way though. So, let's get into the things you'll need and the video, and then you find the other tips and tricks below that.

Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner
Volumizing Styling/Blow Dry Product
Volumizing Hairspray
Hair Dryer (with Directional Nozzle Attachment)
1 inch Curling Iron or Wand
Paddle Brush
Teasing Comb or Brush

*All the products I used, with links, are in the description of the video.*

1.   Shampoo is meant for cleansing the roots of your hair and not the shaft, or length of your hair. It cleans excess oils at the roots, which you don't have much of on the shaft part of your hair. Therefore when shampoo is used on that part of your hair, you're actually stripping away the little amount of good oils that your hair needs, which can lead to overall dryness and brittle ends. If you're worried about build-up from styling products, as your rinsing your shampoo from your scalp, rub just the soapy water through the length of your hair as it falls.

2.   Alternately, conditioner is meant for the shaft of your hair and not so much the roots. Applying it to the roots can cause excess oiliness, a greasy appearance quicker, and flatness in the roots. Some people feel they need to use it on their roots for moisturization of their scalp where they would otherwise experience dry, flakiness (not dandruff - dandruff is not just dry flakiness) especially during the winter months. A better option is to treat your scalp with an oil treatment before shampooing, or try tip 3 that I like to sometimes use.

3.   Shampoo according to tip 1, but apply conditioner to your entire hair and massage into your scalp, too. Leave your conditioner in for about 3 minutes, then, before rinsing, add a small amount of shampoo to your scalp to very quickly re-wash it, and then rinse all together. This allows you to get the moisturizing from the conditioner on your scalp, but won't leave you with such flat roots, especially after blowdrying.

4.   To get the desire lift in your roots, you can also add a root-lifting foam or other root-lifting product to this hair styling routine. I didn't use one in this tutorial for voluminous curls, but I sometimes do like to use one.

5.   A dry shampoo or texturing powder will revive this style on day two or even three, and bring back volume to your roots after sleeping on it. The curls will loosen up a bit each day, so if you don't like that, touch up curls as needed.

6.   Blowing drying your hair in the opposite direction that it will lay will add lift to the roots.

7.   Using a directional nozzle attachement on your blow dryer will allow you to direct the flow of air right where you need to. So, if you're trying to dry the roots of one section of hair at a time, this will help you hit the roots of that section only with the air, and not all the hair surrounding it, too. When you move on to the next section, it won't already be dry and set in an unwanted direction because the air did not hit it.

That's all for this post. As usual, if you have any additional questions, please leave me a message in the comments section on this post or on the youtube video and I'll get back to ya! Have fun gorgifying (made up word) your hair!

Sam ♡

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