DIY Rusted and Distessed Painted Flower Buckets

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hayyy! I’ve got a tutorial for you guys today! :) This one is a DIY project – DIY Rusted and Distressed Painted Flower Buckets. I’ll also have a few extra tips further down in the post. These buckets are perfect as centerpiece vases filled with roses for a shabby chic wedding (also see my tutorial – DIY Distressed Mason Jars). And now that Spring has sprung, they’re also great for outdoor flowers.

In the first part of the tutorial I’ll show you how to get these buckets to rust in only a couple of hours. If you’ve ever tried to rust galvanized buckets like these, you’ll know it’s nearly impossible unless you know a few tricks for rusting galvanized steel / metal. Of course these buckets are made to not rust, so most people who buy them won’t want them to rust… be we do! Mwahahaa! That’s an evil laugh… because traditionally people don’t want things to rust; it’s bad… and we’re going to make these buckets rusty… nevermind. :/ Okay let’s take a look at those rusty buckets so you can see how impressive it is, and then a photo of what the end result will be once they are painted and distressed.

Pretty cool, huh? And like I said, it only takes a couple of hours to get your galvanized buckets nice and rusty like that – take that Mother Nature! :D Now, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to make your own Rusted and Distressed Flower Buckets:

Galvanized Buckets – Got mine at IKEA (SOCKER) for $1.99 each
Sandpaper – a course grit and a fine grit, I used 80 grit (course) and 180 grit (fine) $3.97 for 3 pack at Home Depot
Sanding Block – *OPTIONAL* but it helps A LOT, $4.47 at Home Depot
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner - $3.00 at Walmart, make sure it has 9.5% Hydrogen Chloride (on back label)
Hydrogen Peroxide - $1.82 at Walmart
White Vinegar - 1L $1.87 at Walmart

Spray Bottle - $1.25 at Dollarama
Krylon Low Odour Clear Finish Matte - $6.96 at Walmart
Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft Paint - $3.29 each (I think... I already had these) at Michaels, limited colors at Walmart for cheaper
Paint Brush

So that’s all you’ll need to make these beauties! Make sure to take a look at my additional tips for making these rusted distressed flower buckets look extra shabby and rustic after you watch the video – you’ll find those in this post below the video. Now let’s watch the video!

Additional TIPS
  • Once your buckets are finished you can leave them outside in all weather to let nature take its course on what you’ve already started.
  • If you want to again speed up the process of weathering, once you’re finished with the distressing, you can spray them with your peroxide vinegar salt rusting “potion” a few more times to add more rust and some dripping. Once it looks the way you want, spray it with your Krylon Low Odour Clear Finish Matte spray (2 coats) to prevent further rusting.
  • After you’ve distressed you’re rusted buckets you feel you want to keep them looking exactly as they are, apply 2 more coats of your Krylon Low Odour Clear Finish Matte spray to your buckets to finish them and protect them from the effects of weather. 
So there ya go – another great DIY tutorial for you guys! I hope you enjoyed learning how to make your own Rusted and Distressed Painted Flower Buckets (especially the tarnishing and rusting part). If you liked this video tutorial please click the thumbs up on YouTube and SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc… everywhere! If you’d like to feature it in a post on your own blog, just make sure to link back to this original post! If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask!

Love ya! Have fun going wild rusting so many things… I know you want to… I want to!!

Sam ♡

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